Amadeo Donatello Di Siena

"I have served clan Ventrue for long years now and have always found them most agreeable buyers."


Alternative Names: Captain Raymond, Archont Le Carvennec, many others
Born: ?
Embraced: ?
Apparent Age: early to mid thirties
Sire: ?
Generation: 8th
Nature: ?
Demeanor: Gallant
Road: Humanity
Merits: ?
Flaws: ?
Height: 1,80 m
Known Affiliations: Sinéad O’Kearney

Tall and dashing, this man can boast many broken heart and more broken coffers. A mercenary, an adventurer and a ladies man, he approaches life with good humour and his wits gathered around him — as his ascension to the position of Archont for clan Ventrue shows. There are many rumours surrounding him, one more outrageous than the other, but one thing cannot be denied: he is effective.


Amadeo walks into the story one starry night when he embraces the young Sinéad into clan Ravnos, promising her a life full of adventures and excitement at his side. Unfortunately, it quickly turns out that their ideas of such a life are vastly different and the young lady leaves her sire to become a pirate queen rather than continue with his “boring and predictive” lifestyle of serving as as a “specialist” for whoever pays the most — usually affluent Ventrue elders around Britain.

Book II

TFG met Amadeo in Lisbon, where he served as a representative of his clan on an open anarch council, and also was the captain responsible for shipping the Ventrue and Malkavian representatives, Olivier and Fianna. During the course of their stay in Lisbon Sinead managed to persuade Riina to try and implicate her sire into breaking into the Lasombra private quarters and appropriating an importantly looking silver dagger. The dagger, thus planted in his room, was indeed found and lead to the questioning of both the Ravnos elder and his patron, casting further suspicion on the Ventrue’s presence and serving as a nice distraction for Rainerio and his servants, who were in the middle of performing a delicate diplomatic operation. In the end, the Ravnos got away while his employer was detained and tried for being a spy to the Ventrue justicar — a role which Amadeo played from the very beginning, but with the local political sentiments being what they were in a Promethean city, was able to successfully pin on Olivier instead.

Following the formal establishing of the Camarilla Amadeo became an Archont for clan Ventrue, a position which he filled for a couple of decades before giving it up and falling off the radar.

Book III

His current wherabouts unknown, Amadeo still influences the world via the childer he embraced in his years of roaming Europe, the so-called “daughters” who all wish to see him again, each for reasons of her own. Sinéad O’Kearney is one such lady, currently residing in London, in the British Empire, and looking for traces of her sire in the hopes that they would become clues as to his present location.

Book IV

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Sinéad hates her Sire’s guts. It is the strongest feeling she has for anyone walking this world. She is willing to do anything to hurt him or prove him wrong, to the point of sacrificing her life towards it. She became a model Camarilla citizen only because she learned he became an Archont and now is trying to earn at least similiar rank to show she mistreated her and didn’t notice her talent.

With time her perception of her Sire changed. She understood what he was trying to do and in a way, she’d like to do the same thing… but she still can’t – and don’t want to – get over his feelings towards him. It’s this deep feeling, the one you don’t want to admit, that in a way, it’s you who were wrong and somebody else was right. She hates it. It drives her even harder to show him her worth, but at the same time, she has earned a degree of respect towards her Sire. It’s a strange thing, one she wouldn’t like to say out loud, but she has learned something of his example. It’s a bitter lesson, one she has learned only when she has decided to embrace someone.

Amadeo Donatello Di Siena

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