Atticus Fletcher


Alternative Names: ?
Born: ?
Embraced: ?
Apparent Age: mid 20s
Sire: ?
Generation: ?
Nature: ?
Demeanor: Gallant
Road: ?
Merits: ?
Flaws: ?
Height: 1,75 m
Known Affiliations: Miranda, Raymond Montgomery, Lilian Norwood, Caroline Mortimer

A young looking and relatively handsome man, slender, dark haired and dark eyed, he favours modern fashions with a touch of extravagance befitting a Toreador.

An energetic and good-natured individual, he is known to be very progressive and very social, often engaging in and supporting various protests and social movements, although he never takes the front seat for too long, which leads many to believe his support comes from the general sympathy towards such activities rather than shared belief.

Gossip places him as a lost Toreador pretending to be a Brujah to fill in the primogen spot. He is also known as a ladies man, which makes all the rumours of his supposed conquests to be treated as facts. It is said he visits mortal balls and other night time gatherings to make acquaintance with the beautiful mortal ladies of high London.


Atticus became primogen in 1869, together with Lilian Norwood, after the previous primogen were forced to migrate from the area. He was granted the position as the oldest member of his clan present in London at the time and so far it seems he embraced it with abandon, never missing a chance to represent his clan in any of the city’s important social events (and many not-so-important ones), organising regular clan meetings for all his local clanmates and keeping up to date on any and all Brujah related news.

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While Emma appreciates how laid-back her primogen is, she isn’t yet sure if he does a great job of representing the clan in the city. Personally, she likes him – not because he is a ladies’ man, but because he gives himself as an approachable individual, willing to sit with his clanmates over a drink in their Elysium and discuss mortal politics, as well as whatever issues they are dealing with themselves. In her opinion, he does well enough with intra-clan matters and lending a helping hand when asked, as a primogen ideally should – reality doesn’t always match up, though, so she is thankful for that. However, when it comes to inter-clan politics, she can’t judge him yet, and is waiting to see what happens in the future.

Atticus Fletcher

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