Julian Montgomery


Alternative Names:
Born: ?
Apparent Age:
Sire: Sinéad O’Kearney
Generation: 10th
Road: Humanity
Flaws: Sinéad’s childe
Height: >1.76cm
Known Affiliations: Sinéad O’Kearney





As seen by:


Unlike with Christopher, Emma is not quite as hesitant towards Julian – she doesn’t yet know him very well, and still there is a bit of animosity between the two. Considering their chance encounter where he was chewed out by a mortal and Emma accidentally aggravated the situation, she isn’t surprised he doesn’t seem to bear her any love, which she admittedly doesn’t either. She’s unsure what the nature of his problems is, but she assumes that he does have some – and it seems she stumbles into them with less tact than she would normally show, for whatever reason. At the moment, she is looking for an opportunity to soothe whatever feathers have been ruffled between the two of them, as she likes his sire and doesn’t want things to turn sour with Sinéad because of bad luck with Julian – though she isn’t going out of her way to force anything if it doesn’t happen naturally, as this might just worsen things.



Julian is Sinéad’s perfect childe. She adores him for his looks, his wits, his smugness… pretty much, she is crazy about him. She embraced him for that reason. On more rational side, she realises Julian is a trouble, because he is smarter than she is, very opinionated and just like her likes to be in a spotlight… but for now she doesn’t mind. She isn’t really sure what his problem is, but knowing he shares her free spirit she wants to give him as much space as possible. She likes to have him nearby as a best adornment she can imagine and as a very crafty person that can remove many problems related to mortal society from her head.

Julian Montgomery

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