Lilian Norwood


Alternative Names: ?
Born: ?
Embraced: ?
Apparent Age: 10
Sire: ?
Generation: ?
Nature: ?
Road: ?
Merits: ?
Flaws: Child,
Height: 1, 46
Known Affiliations:?

The Gangrel primogen had the misfortune of being embraced as a child, and so she appears to mortal scrutiny to be a girl of about 10, fay and lovely, with her gorgeous waves of chestnut hair, big grey eyes and innocent smile. To a kindred, or simply more perceptive, observer, there is something in her appearance which seems to belie her youthfulness. The easy grace with which she moves, maybe, or the seriousness of her eyes when she gazes in a distance… Whatever it is, it makes people aware of additional depth in this wisp of a girl.

It is difficult to say whether Lilian’s nature is really that of a carefree and cheerful maiden, or if she just plays on her appearance… but it is the face that most people get to see when dealing with the Gangrels. Her manner playfully childlike, the lady of the woods cheerfully pronounces both invitations to play and judgements, the same easy smile gracing her face when she speaks of picking flowers and of ripping somebody’s heart out.

If you believe rumours, the ripping does not happen as rarely as one would think, the Gangrel being a fearsome elder, who travelled into the city specifically to take on the post on the Council, entrusted by her clan with dealing with the poisoning of the land in Greater London. Though, of course, there are no sources to quote on giving such a statement, and no gossip could answer the question WHO would be the people who sent Lilian on such a mission.


Lilian Norwood became a primogen together with Atticus Fletcher in 1869, both of them taking over from their exiled predecessors, though unlike Atticus Lilian had indeed come to the city seemingly for this very purpose, and her clanmates accepted her as the new alpha-animal without the slightest qualms.

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Lilian Norwood

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