Lionel Devereux


Alternative Names: ?
Born: ?
Embraced: ?
Apparent Age:
Sire: ?
Generation: ?
Nature: ?
Demeanor: ?
Flaws: ?
Known Affiliations: Caroline Mortimer, Belinda Vane, Timothy Talbott





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So far, Emma believes that Lionel might be the best candidate of those openly participating in the city’s competition for Sheriff; he gives himself as an intelligent individual who is polite and not too rash. Since she is interested in finding the old Sheriff for personal reasons, she offered to help him in exchange for information on the Sheriff’s fate. He might have a decent chance at figuring out whatever happened to the guy, especially if he plays his cards correctly in his own clan, so she allows herself some hope and keeps an eye open for ways to help him indirectly with finding the Sheriff.


Lionel was the first local kindred to make a lasting impression on the Malkavian elder. Marcus admires the Ventrue’s intellectual prowess and daring which remind him of his absent friend Lotharius. Because of that, his interest in Lionel is purely personal. He hopes to turn the Ventrue into a closer acquaintance with whom to pursue more cerebral pleasures. Despite the undeniable age difference, he would be willing to, at least partially, disregard the associated limitations imposed by etiquette in favor of a more casual relationship.


SinĂ©ad has a healthy dose of admiration for Lionel. Not everyone would dare to confront her when she challenged every other sheriff candidate and do it without losing face. That bit of nonchalant courage earned her sympathy. From the candidates she knows of he is the one she wouldn’t mind losing to, especially that as he stated openly, he is not a warrior. His passion for riddles is something different from what drives her and something she doesn’t share, but at the same time, doesn’t mind. He caught her interest and she is willing to help him with his efforts to become sheriff, knowing his approach is completely different and they might end up depending on each other.

Lionel Devereux

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