The Tremere Pontifex of Austria and former Prince of VIenna


Alternative Names: Leo
Born: ?
Embraced: Before 1032
Apparent Age: Early thirties
Sire: ?
Generation: ?
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Autocrat
Road: The Road of Kings
Merits: Iron Will, ?
Flaws: ?
Height: Around 1,84 m
Known Affiliations: Celestyn, Valerianus, Marcus, Mavis

Unusually tall for his time, Lotharius is a good-looking man with intense blue eyes, pale brown hair, fine features and the healthy build of one used to extensive travel. He dresses well, in the finest fashions of Vienna, and wears a golden signet ring set with a large ruby on his left hand. He appears to be unarmed at all times. Despite having been embraced in his prime, there is little youthfulness in his manner; whenever he lets his guard down for a moment his eyes hold the weary, haunted look of a man who has seen more than he would wish.

Personality-wise, as the Prince of Vienna he seemed a rather unapproachable, detached entity, always courteous in manner and fair of judgement, but with little personal relationship with his subjects. Attentive and incredibly intelligent, he proved to be a good judge of character and a skilful politician and administrator, continuing Valerianus’ efforts in making his city safe and prosperous.

Surrounded by a fair amount of rumours and gossip, Lotharius is said to have been an oracle as a mortal magus, to be the founder of secret societies within and without clan Tremere, to have personally diablerised more than a dozen Salubri, to drink the blood of mortal magi only, to have been a lover to the late Prince Valerianus and to serve infernal masters. His air regarding such rumours could be described as nonchalant – he either enjoys the mystery surrounding him or, more likely, cannot be bothered to explain or deny them.


A magus of the Order of Hermes in his mortal lifetime, Lotharius joined and was eventually embraced by the House Tremere sometime after their unfortunate and unplanned slide into vampirism. He arrived in Vienna in 1032 as his clan’s envoy to the Ventrue Prince Valerianus and somehow managed to win both his favour and sympathy. Virtually adopted by clan Ventrue, Lotharius took the name Leo and spent years under Valerianus’ tutelage, learning from his mentor everything his still fledgeling bloodline needed to survive in the kindred society and making regular reports to his sire. He found himself more and more drawn into Valerianus’ vision, however, and decided to continue his education even after all the essential kindred lore had been passed to his clan. Becoming a student of the Road of Kings, Leo served the Prince as a diplomat, learning the ropes of the kindred courts and politics on his many travels, as well as a court Thaumaturge and advisor in all the matters arcane, albeit in secret.

Book I

Still, while having received a classical Ventrue education, Lotharius still attracted some suspicion in Valerianus’ court, chiefly from the visiting Toreador elder, Frida, who served the city as a chamberlain for the time of her visit, and Marcus, who, having heard an exchange between Frida and Lotharius, remained suspicious of the Tremere until Valerianus’ personal intervention forced the two into an uneasy partnership. Frida rightly suspected Lotharius of being more than he seemed and of mastery of the discipline of Auspex and, finally, having failed to convince the Prince to forego his services, moved against him. The local Ventrue stood behind Leo, however, and Valerianus took the opportunity to banish his problematic guest from his domain.

Book II

After the Tzimisce attack of 1155 and Valerianus’ death and the decimation of his court, Lotharius stepped up as the new prince, shedding his mask in the process and reorganising Vienna into a modern and rather egalitarian city where, with time, the distinction between High and Low clans had first become blurred, to eventually become non-existent by the end of his reign.

Lotharius stepped down as the Prince of Vienna in 1507, continuing to serve his clan as Pontifex for Austria despite travelling for some time after his abdication.

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