The ancient Ventrue sovereign of the Baronies of Avalon


Alternative Names: First Among Equals, the Lord of Light, the Lord of London
Born: ?
Embraced: ?
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Sire: the Ventrue Antediluvian
Generation: 4th
Nature: ?
Demeanor: Autocrat
Road: ?
Merits: ?
Flaws: ?
Height: Around 1,67 m
Known Affiliations: Ariel, Dermont, Mavis, Stepano, Valerianus

Mithras is a surprisingly slender man, very fine-boned and somewhat fragile looking at first sight, but well-muscled and athletic once – if – one has a chance to take a good look and see more than just his silhouette. With his curly dark hair, full lips and big brown eyes he had to be considered comely even in his mortal days and the embrace only purified his beauty, adding to it and enriching it with cainite perfection. Not tall by modern standards, the Prince makes his ostensible delicacy redundant by the very strength of his presence whenever he appears in public… Though privately he is known to just appear as he really is, confusing people who have previously only seen him as figure radiating power as fire does heat. Whichever face he chooses to show, people tend to remember him as a chiseled statue of masculine perfection, perfectly groomed, with not a hair out of place and of an almost godly allure. His face has the almost ageless quality of an ancient Kindred, showing signs of age and/or weariness on his lips and around his eyes only when he scowls… which he rather does not do during his public appearances.

Personality wise there is little that can be said of the Prince as few – if any – know him well in this world. He certainly displays an extremely authoritarian persona when appearing in front of his subjects, and is known for his uncommon wanderlust, which takes him out of his domain with a certain regularity, but with no discernible pattern.

Of the rumours surrounding the Prince the most ancient one speaks of him as possibly being a childe to the Ventrue Antediluvian itself. And since he has never admitted it and has never denied it either, many are uncertain what to think on the topic… However, it is a popular enough theory that any who spend at least a few years in London are bound to hear it whispered around at one point or the other. Of other prevalent opinions, it is said that the Prince is an enemy to Setites and Tremere both, that he has had countless lovers both in Avalon and during his travels (though, curiously enough, no examples of such personas are ever given), that he has built Londinium with his own two hands and that he has an entire order of bloodbound mortal warriors guarding his resting place.


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Emma has lived in London long enough to have heard just about every rumor about the Prince, ranging from the plausible to the improbable and the downright ludicrous, but doesn’t put much stock in them. Whatever the truth may be, she’s content to live and let live, so to speak; she has no business with Mithras, and hopes not to make him have business with her. Still, during the rendezvous with him she had opportunity enough to form an opinion on him, the result of which is unnerving – Mithras acted perfectly sane and polite, which either means he managed to retain his sanity throughout his long unlife, an impressive feat in and of itself, or that he is a most capable actor, the far more likely possibility of the two. Despite spending a rather pleasant evening with the Prince, it only served to solidify Emma’s opinion that it’s best to not have any business with him. That worked out just splendidly for her in the past, and she sees no reason to change it now. No matter what kind of person … if a person at all … Mithras is underneath the layers of Prince, ancient Kindred, and powerful warrior, peeling them away would not be worth the attention it would attract or the trouble it would invite. So, that date was fun, let’s never do it again, shall we?


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