Timothy Talbott

"Have you ever seen the sun?"


Alternative Names:?
Born: ?
Embraced: ?
Apparent Age: Late 30s
Sire: ?
Generation: ?
Nature: ?
Demeanor: Architect
Road: ?
Merits: ?
Flaws: ?
Height: 1,73 m
Known Affiliations:

A physically unassuming man, Timothy is neither handsome nor comely. With his neatly trimmed bear and moustache and thin glasses he tries to look presentable at all times, arranging his slightly receded hair in a fashionable manner. Always dressed in a suit, as a gentleman ought to, he seems to prefer simple fashions, the only touch of extravaganza being the neckties he employs, usually at odds with the rest of whatever outfit he is wearing at the moment. He always wear a golden band on his left hand, a relict, perhaps, of happier times.

A soft-spoken man, easily distracted and rather prone to melancholy, Timothy can nevertheless be very firm and resolute in his dealings, when the matter in question is one close to his heart. He has the opinion of a tough cookie, who is going to smile and nod during the discussion, and then do whatever he pleases anyway.

His famous mood swings and love for solitary walks is not as much gossip as fact, and truly, most rumours surrounding him tend to be either completely wild or entirely believable — as we ARE talking about the Malkavian primogen, and a good dose of eccentricity is expected. Unfortunately, dosing the reality with additional embellishment making for a better story means that while Mr. Talbott is one of the more common subject of the city’s gossip, the rumours surrounding him prove particularly unreliable. His love of technology and learning is acknowledged by all as fact, but it is unlikely that, after Mary Shelley, he build a monster in his basement. He is known to be a philatelist, but he probably has not wallpapered all of the surfaces in his house with stamps. He has not left London for a single day since his arrival in the city, over a century back, but it is probably not because he is hiding from a psychotic former lover.


Timothy Talbott became the Malkavian primogen in 1799, relatively soon after his arrival in the city. He was by far not the oldest Malkavian present in London at this point, but he was certainly more “sane” than most and, most importantly of all, he wanted the job. It is said that he used the power the position gave him to make it a more prestigious one — as at first not much power or influence was conferred by it, clan Malkavian not being one for political agendas in the city at that time. The new primogen invested his time and effort in mortal concerns at first, and it was some time until this investments gave any returns, but by now he is one of the kindred more firmly grounded in the mortal society of the city, with his influence exerting over many circles, both both academic and philanthropic… and possibly other as well.

Book III

TFG did not have much contact with Primogen Talbott until his little quest was completed and his time to leave the city came. They still remain unaware why he left, and what happened, but Emma managed to talk to him as he was leaving and receive a book.

Book IV

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Marcus considers Timothy to be a competent Primogen and supports his work towards improving the living conditions in London. Personally, however, he finds the man to be bland and uninteresting, and although he suspects the demeanor is only a facade designed to deter others from prying, he is not intrigued enough to investigate. Certainly, there must be a stigma of insanity buried somewhere underneath the Malkavian’s composure, but for as long as he performs his function well and minds his own, Marcus is content to leave him to his own devices and limit their interactions to necessary formalities.


Timothy Talbott

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