The deceased former Prince of Vienna


[Marcus’ POV]

Ah. Prince Valerianus. It is difficult to meet a man of such intellect and flair these days, even among the Ventrue. You see, he may have been a Prince of Vienna, but his hands weighed the fate of the whole Österreich. I will not claim to have a deeper understanding of his agendas, but I will tell you one thing: the thirteen clans we know nowadays may not have been the same had it not been for his ambitions vision.

He was a noble and an honorable man, beyond any doubt. A promise he gave was as good as carved in stone, and it did not matter if you were a member of his court or a beggar in the streets. You could rest assured that nothing would go amiss.

He walked the Road of Kings with his head high, for only the night sky stretched above him, and if you looked into those dark eyes, you would be hypnotized by the promise of a greater future they could offer you, as they did offer me. It is a pity that clan Tzimisce, stubborn in their inhuman, barbaric ways could see that as well.

As a Prince, Valerianus was generous and wise. He offered hospitality even to those who have wronged him, and willingly sheltered and nurtured those who could prove a liability. While he expected obedience and respect from his subjects, often assigning them duties appropriate to their calling, he was not the type of a man to foolishly put one’s life at risk.

Privately, I do not have much to say. We had been far from peers, but the Prince had always been an intriguing conversation partner and a splendid educator. He seemed to prefer a practical, rather than a theoretical approach, and if you wished to be his student, you had to be ready to use your newfound knowledge as soon as an opportunity arose.

But, while it seems I have only described him as a great politician and an even greater ruler, do not be deceived. Prince Valerianus knew how to fight, and fight he did. I have heard stories of his great victories not only as a commander, but also as a warrior. Battles so splendid that even those defeated spoke of them with pride, for there was no shame in losing to such a great man.

Requiescat in pace, Princeps meus.


Once upon a time a member of the Eternal Senate in Rome, Valerianus, childe of Camilla, left the city in 50 AD and built a castrum – later Vindobonna – on a territory partially controlled by the Tzimisce.

Between 166 and 181, he defended the city which was besieged by the barbarians lead by clan Tzimisce in a series of events that later came to be known as bellum Germanicum et Sarmaticum or Marcomannic Wars.

In 173 the settlement burned down for the first time. However, thanks to the Prince’s impeccable strategic skills and help sent from Rome, the Tzimisce were forced to accept the new neighborhood.

In 443, the city was besieged and destroyed once more, and its Prince was cast into torpor for the century to follow.

In 537, once again active, Valerianus returned to the Eternal City to earn support and gather new forces to win his city from the so-called Pawn Broker who had seized control during his absence. To orchestrate the takeover, the Prince founded a court of exile in Innsbruck, and having successfully secured support from clan Lasombra, banished the Nosferatu from his city.

Year 881 brought another disaster. Vienna was once again destroyed, this time during the Magyar invasion lead by the Brujah.

In 999 the Prince left the city to join the Feast of Ages organized by King Mithras in the Barony of Avalon, only to return in 1001.

In 1025, for reasons unknown, the Prince executed the former Nosferatu Primogen, allowing Caius, his childe, to dwell at the outskirts of his domain.

In year 1155, Prince Valerianus, together with the members of his court, died in a barbaric assault orchestrated by the Tzimisce. Parts of the city were once again destroyed.


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