Victoria Harlow


Alternative Names: ?
Born: ?
Embraced: ?
Apparent Age: early 50s
Sire: ?
Generation: ?
Nature: ?
Road: ?
Merits: ?
Flaws: ?
Height: 1,64 m
Known Affiliations:

An older woman of middle height, with light blonde hair and dark brown eyes, Primogen Harlow dresses in whatever is appropriate for a middle upper class woman of her age in any given situation – when she thinks it necessary to leave the chantry. In the chantry she is rumoured to give audience dressed in the traditional red robes; and those who remember her taking part in the pacifying of the Sabbat insurrection some two decades back report her wearying flowing yet apparently practical combat robes with parts of curiously looking armour.

The regent is a stern and business-like woman, possessing of a sharp wit and a just as sharp a tongue; but she is also an apt politician, who looks before she leaps, and is good at calculating the odds. Few would call her company pleasant exactly, but even fewer could say that she does not pull her weight — in virtually anything.

According to the local gossip the Tremere do anything and everything, naturally, including slitting their wrists and dancing naked in the moonlight, deepening their many rape dungeons under the chantry and plotting diablerie on anything and everything that moves. It is difficult to pick up any reasonable sounding rumours about their Primogen… But then, it is the Tremere, so perhaps the truth is not reasonably sounding after all.


Victoria Harlow has been the Primogen and Regent of the House and Clan Tremere in London since 1829, when the then-acting Prince Valerius officially recognised her clan’s presence as benefiting the city and granted them a right to establish a Chantry, as well as a seat on the Primogen Council. Victoria was her clan’s choice to take that seat and oversee her clan’s business in London, and so she has done for decades since. Under her rule clan Tremere made themselves very useful to Valerius, and generally useful to the city and it’s many institutions of learning… until Mithras’ return in 1885.

The Prince did not expel the clan immediately, however, starting with his arrival and Lady Anne’s ascension to the position of the Ventrue primogen, the relations between the two clans have become somewhat strained. Mistress Harlow, for she prefers that honorific instead of “lady”, has kept at her job, nevertheless, many notice that the presence of the clan in the area seems to be less, and a few of its older members have departed the city since, being relieved by previously unknown clanmates of theirs. According to the Tremere, this is absolutely natural and normal, as they tend to keep their non-independent members on rotation, thus allowing them to learn faster and gain more diverse experience. And that may be… however the more politically-minded kindred in the city point out which kindred in particular moved out of the city to be replaced by people of completely unknown quality.

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Aware of the Tremere’s precarious position in London, Marcus has gained respect for their Primogen’s political prowess. He believes that Victoria has been playing her cards well, thus ensuring the clan’s continuous presence in the city. Despite her stern and intimidating demeanor, the Malkavian considers her a worthwhile contact and a potential ally. However, assuming that one of the clan’s primary objectives is survival, he plans to tread carefully, suspecting that tokens of friendship may be abused for political gain and any arrangements may prove temporary if the local climate changes.


Victoria Harlow

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