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  • Sinéad O'Kearney

    _Initial bio_ Meet Sinéad, a stunning beauty, a gracious lady, a brave warrior and daring adventurer, constantly hunting for thrill and glory! Born and raised on the Island of Eiré as a daughter of influential tannith, Sinéad could live a …

  • Amadeo Donatello Di Siena

    Amadeo walks into the story one starry night when he embraces the young [[:sinead | Sinéad]] into clan Ravnos, promising her a life full of adventures and excitement at his side. Unfortunately, it quickly turns out that their ideas of such a life are …

  • Julian Montgomery

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    Unlike with Christopher, Emma is not quite as hesitant towards Julian - she doesn't yet know him very well, and still there is a bit of animosity between the two. Considering their chance encounter …