Character Creation

House rules for character creation from the Renaissance onwards:

1. Your base generation is 12. You can lower it with the Generation background, BUT remember that while the first and second dot will cost you one point, the third will cost two points, the fourth three points and the fifth is 5 points (yes, you can be 7 generation, if you feel your character concept is awesome enough to be worth 12 points)

2. Backgrounds need to be individually discussed with the GM, as I will need to tie them in to the world

3. Your starting disciplines are your clan disciplines. Only.*

4. Forbidden clans: Assamites, Cappadocian, Lasombra, Ravnos, Salubri, Setites, Tzimisce.

5. You create a new character with the base points only, then we talk about them and then we “age” them (you will get a number of maturation points assigned individually).

(’* subject to negotiation, but you have to have a really good reason and write a character story of your unlife up till now)

Character Creation

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