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Cities visited

Vienna | Prague | Temesvar | Toulouse | Lisbon | London | New York
Pamplona, Barcelona, Florence and Edinburgh were visited briefly and so deserve an honorary mention.

In and around London

Marcus’ Monster Manor | Slow and Easy | Vanity | The Athenaeum

The Kindred of London


The Avalon FFW Timeline: since the Renaissance Special until the beginning of Book III
The Book III Timeline


The “Festum Sapientiae”
The Midsummer Celebrations of 1100 (Vienna)
The Night of Fire
The Burning of Vienna (1155)
The Anarch Revolt
The Convention of Thorns
The Sabbat Raid of 1860

Essential Lore and Factions

The Monster in the Woods

Factions: medieval

The Antasians | The Michaelites | The Prometheans

Factions: early modern and modern

The Anarchs | The Camarilla | The Sabbat

House Rules


Wiki Character Template
Character Creation
Maturation Points
Wiki Contributions XP
Clans and Bloodlines


Breaking the Forth Wall

Quotes standard
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Summaries of Games Played

Note: up until the last games of Book II the logs are written retrogradely and as such are lacking in details

Book I: The Beginnings

Introduction: The Patrician
Chapter 1: Blood & Honour
Chapter 2: The Mirror Cracked, Part I: Eschte’s Caress
Chapter 2: The Mirror Cracked, Part II: A Light Sea Breeze
Finale: The Sins of Our Fathers

The Tales of Prague

Book II: Turbulent Waters

Introduction: The Lord and the Fool

Chapter 1: In the Wake of Poseidon

Chapter 2: The Rising Tide


Book III: Of Steam and Shadows

Book IV: This Bitter Earth

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