Maturation Points

The total amount of MPs available to you is given by the GM during the fastforward. You can declare following statuses during the ffw, which influence your MP total:

  • active (normal MP amount)
  • torpor (MPs only if you fulfil certain conditions, though some other benefits may be available)
  • research focus (some extra points, but all points can be spent only on mental attributes and disciplines and on knowledges)
  • martial training focus (some extra points, but only physical disciplines and attributes or abilities used in fights)

Maturation points can be spent as follows:
- on attributes: 5 points per dot
- on abilities: 2 points per dot, specialities 1 point each
- on disciplines: 5 points per dot for in-clan disciplines, 7 points per dot for out-of-clan disciplines, 4 points per dot for a path
- on your Road: 1 point per dot (up till the maximum of 7)
- on Virtues: 2 points per dot

Willpower and backgrounds cannot be bought with maturation points.

No new abilities or disciplines can be purchased unless specifically stated in you ffw feedback.

Maturation Points

Arcanum Lauretha