Although most of this wiki is still in the process of being filled in, once that is done (if ever…) it will hold the core information about Arcanum, a campaign which is, unfortunately, already in the middle of its designed length and which spans over centuries, telling the stories of a handful of Kindred of European origin throughout close to a millenium of history.

Because the accompanying Obsidian page was created while the campaign was already in progress, files shared here will certainly be even more fragmentary than is usually the case. However, once I catch up (if I ever…) with filling in and updating all the information, this post will be edited to reflect the campaign, its mood and setting, more, rather than being just a dry collection of facts.

In the meantime, I would like to introduce the PCs taking part in the adventures at the present:

Once upon a time, before they met their violent and unfortunate ends, taking part in the adventure were also:

As a Storyteller, I use official lore whenever it suits me, and change it whenever it does not. Both canon and original characters can be found here, and nothing should be taken at face value.


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