1. New Beginnings.

"It is not important WHAT they say..."

[Derpina, 22 May 2016]

London, year 1888. Following several decades of boisterous adventuring, Sabbat hunting and journeying, now famous Sinéad chose to settle down in the greatest and most likely the smelliest metropolis in the world. With her fledgling childe Julian in tow, the Ravnos established herself in the city, her eyes set on the vacant position of the sheriff.

Thirsty for fresh gossip and insider knowledge, Sinéad got in touch with Marcus, who invited her to visit him in his gargantuan manor outside of the city. There, she and Julian were treated to a brief tour through the house, before settling down for a relaxed chat in the host’s bizarre library. While the elders exchanged gossip and reminisced about nights long gone, Julian and Christopher engaged in a gentlemanly competition of wits, much to their sires’ content.

After the thirst for news had been quenched, Christopher catered to the guests’ other appetites with free-flowing beverages that lightened the atmosphere and multiplied merriment with every emptied cup. Eventually, an idea to visit the city’s neonate elysium gained general acclaim and, after a moment of preparation involving furry pink coats and extravagant top hats, the party embarked on a journey towards its new destination.

Boasting a naval-themed décor, the establishment combined seafaring imagery with the raunchy ambiance of a port tavern. Its keeper, fiery-haired Brujah Miranda, wasted no time expressing her discontent over Christopher’s sudden appearance. However, hearing that the rowdy bachelor arrived in the company of his sire cooled her temper, allowing the evening to return to its course. Upon the elders’ demand, music was brought in and in no time dancing and singing commenced, with Sinéad taking up the role of the lead entertainer.

While the Ravnos exchanged shanties with the keeper, testing her talent and knowledge, Marcus was accosted by Anabelle, a women rights activists with enough temper to lecture a drunk elder. Following an energetic dance, the two retired to discuss wages, working conditions and necessary improvements, before Marcus excused himself to have a chat with the local gossip, Bethany. Meanwhile, Julian and Christopher became acquainted with Cassandra, a Malkavian neonate with a peculiar ability to spot lies.

The conversations were eventually brought to a partial halt as the atmosphere on the dance floor became more competitive. Partners were swiftly exchanged and dancers swirled across the room, creating an array of mixed and same-sex couples alike.

During a playful prance with Marcus, Sinéad spotted her childe flirting with Bethany. Not thinking long, she chose to interrupt the cavorting and, with her superb reflexes, sent the Malkavian spinning right towards the bar counter where the exchange was taking place.

Surprised but alert, Julian made a spectacular recovery and joined the dance with the confused elder in his arms. A struggle for dominance ensued, with the young Ravnos initially taking the lead. Unfortunately, despite his natural flair, he had to admit defeat once his partner’s experience came into play.

Sinéad took that opportunity to survey the competition and chit-chat with Bethany and other present neonates, while Miranda and Christopher retired to the keeper’s private quarters to resolve their previous disagreement.

When it seemed like the evening could not become any more intense, the Ravnos decided to make a lasting impression by challenging Toreador performer Florence to a contest. In a blink of an eye the floor was cleared and the two ladies moved to the center, immediately surrounded by an unsuspecting crowd of kindred.

The audience then watched in awe as the two bodies undulated, collided and flexed during a sensual dance. Surprised stares and heated gasps were heard when the buttons swiftly came undone and pieces of clothing began to hit the floor.

It was known that the evening would be the talk of the town for a long time…

The following night, Sinéad was to learn that among her spectators was the Toreador Primogen, now hoping to meet her for a private talk in his remote mansion, while Marcus, about to nurse a terrible hangover, would be informed of an unexpected visitor he had forgotten he invited…



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