10. Endless Night

Thursday, the 3rd of May and Friday, the 4th of May

A truth that’s told with bad intent
Beats all the Lies you can invent.
It is right it should be so;
Man was made for Joy and Woe;
And when this we rightly know
Thro’ the World we safely go.

Every Night and every Morn
Some to Misery are Born.
Every Morn and every Night
Some are Born to sweet delight.
Some are Born to sweet delight,
Some are Born to Endless Night.

[Lisa, 08. 10. 16]

Sinéad starts investigating Blanche’s absence, as the neonate hasn’t been at her house for a few nights in a row now; she learns at the second Elysium that Blanche had been there previously, but had left with a man she has been seen with before after a while. The Ravnos then makes her way to the third Elysium and runs into Julian. Her childe proves to be unhelpful as he excuses himself rather hurriedly, claiming he has somewhere to be, and Sinéad starts a conversation with Miranda, who hasn’t seen the Toreador but tells her about her musician friend who has not been seen for a while, either, and is rather unpopular with his own clan – and may be in trouble as well. With few ideas on where to turn to, Sinéad decides to pay a visit to Marcus, who spent the start of the night asking his servants to be especially careful, keep the entrances of the manor secure and fetch some holy water, while he himself writes a message to the Gangrel primogen Lillian and prepares everything needed to perform an exorcism.

When Sinéad arrives, she shares the gossip she heard previously in the second Elysium about the Tremere primogen’s accusations and the rumours surrounding Stepano’s disappearance, as well as the fact that she met a Tzimisce recently. The conversation soon turns towards Dementation, especially its sources of information and power, but is briefly interrupted when Marcus notices a draft and finds one of thewindows opened. After a short investigation with Auspex, he concludes that no other Kindred or mortals are present in his house, and hre returns to Sinéad and tries his best to explain his clan’s unique discipline. He then announces his plans of looking for Stepano and asking for help and information among the city’s Kindred, as he feels partly responsible for what happened. He confirms the locations of the rose box for Sinéad as well as giving her a detailed description of it, then the two part ways for the night.

Sinéad turns to animals in her search for Blanche and is led to the warehouse district by a group of rats who claim to have seen a lonely lady going there. She doesn’t find the neonate, but she decides to snoop around for the rose box while she’s there. Instead of the box, she finds a container full of an Irish herb with magical properties used as an offering to fae and for getting certain things to look at you as well as a box full of earth. Sensing that these could be excellent bargaining chips, she absconds from the warehouse with both of the containers as well as other random boxes she finds nearby and spends the rest of the night spreading them around her additional havens in the city.

Marcus visits the second Elysium, where he makes the acquaintance of the Ventrue Leopold and his clanmate Mia O’Connor and joins their conversation about business. Mia has a vested interest in trade deals in India about tea in particular, since she has a liking for it, and Leopold knows a lot about the geography of the country. After he mentions that Belinda is supposed to prepare for the return of her sire who is currently still in India, where unrest is stirring recently, Leopold excuses himself from the conversation when it turns towards fashion for a while. Mia also claims that her inspiration on ways to conduct business has been taken from Marcus, who extends an invitation to his home in case she ever wants to talk about business with him in the future. He leaves a message for the Nosferatu asking them to contact him, as well as for his primogen to schedule an appointment and drops by the first Elysium to pass a message to the Elysium Keeper for Lady Anne, which she is supposed to hand to Mithras; it contains information that Stepano has disappeared but is not dead yet.

Meanwhile, Emma pays a visit to Hawke, whom she finds building a wooden fence around his house which is decorated with occult symbols and among which he has planted new saplings of plants foreign to her. They chat for a while and as it turns out, Hawke is aware of the situation with the demon and invites Emma to stay with him for a while if she feels unsafe in her city, which can hardly be as well-prepared as his own home in the woods. She declines, but asks him a few questions about demons, and he shares a story of Letho and himself fighting against the Tzimisce in Transylvania who were able to conjure nature spirits, as well as a rather unfortunate meeting with a spirit or demon who was possessing mortals anew every time he was cut down, which is why Hawke cautions her against fighting spirits directly and recommends outrunning them instead. The conversation turns towards the Sabbat, who Hawke claims have set up shop in a town to the south, and he uses the occasion to complain about the Prince, who used to be a warrior in the past which was why he settled near London in the first place, but both the Prince and his lands have changed from the tales he had heard before coming here. The two of them spend the majority of the night sparring with each other, after which Emma drops by the third Elysium for another hour and sees Molly dragging the Nosferatu Elias with her after emotionally blackmailing him into helping. Florence, who was present for the whole scene, then shares that Molly has apparently found a group of children which have been ghouled by the Sabbat and used as spies, and needed help with the matter as her Tremere helper is unavailable at the moment.

At the beginning of the next night, Marcus sprinkles holy water on all windows and thresholds of his house, and he uses the opportunity to examine the window which had been opened during the last day with his supernatural senses. He finds the same thoughtfulness as on the horseshoe he examined. His servants complain that multiple windows kept opening on their own for the past day or two, and when he hears this, he asks them to pay conscious attention to when and where this happens. Chris left him a message that reads “Met with a priest, went to save a lady” which Marcus examines with Auspex, upon which he notices that Chris was distracted and left the message as an afterthought, though he also felt opportunistic … and a slight pang of conscience, as if he were at fault for something. He remembers hearing about a Kindred priest and leaves for the second Elysium to ask around.

Sinéad starts off her night by gleefully telling Julian about the stuff she stole, who in turn tells her that Blanche got into trouble and has two knights in shining armor looking for her, one of whom hopes to become Sheriff by finding her. She correctly guesses that the pair includes Christopher, who is helping a new friend of his, and Julian puts the blame on Chris since it is due to his actions that nobody else would care to look for Blanche. Sinéad leaves the city and ventures to the ruined tower where she last saw Hail and tries to summon him unsuccessfully before heading back to the city and the third Elysium in particular.

In the second Elysium, Marcus receives an invitation from the Nosferatu and manages to catch his primogen for a short conversation. He informs him that he will be looking for Stepano and asks to be passed any info about this that reaches Talbott’s ears, who thinks this plan a doomed endeavour since finding the Assamite does not mean saving him. However, he recognizes that the situation itself is very convenient for his clan due to their knowledge being in high demand and seems rather unconcerned, though he does warn Marcus to be wary of water before he leaves. Marcus then turns to Caroline for information about the priest he is seeking and makes his way to the church he inhabits.

Emma heads straight for the third Elysium at the start of the night and meets Norton there, who gives her a detailed report on the missing servants and the information he was able to find about them. He also points out that one man survived the urge to race towards Stepano’s manor, as he was hit with a frying pan by his wife and subsequently knocked unconscious. In the newspaper that he has with him are a few articles of note as well, especially one on strikes in the are and a child going missing recently. The two of them are joined by Sinéad not long after Emma finishes giving Norton something else to investigate, and the two Kindred promptly strike up a conversation about the recent events, especially Molly’s outburst last night, the information Norton passed on to her, and the fact that Blanche has been missing for some time. Sinéad also delights in mentioning her theft and plans to strike a deal with the Tzimisce she met recently, much to Emma’s bafflement and disbelief. Some time after, the two separate, with Sinéad intending to search the docks and Emma deciding to follow her after arming herself.

The information from Caroline leads Marcus to St. George’s cathedral, where he meets Lambert and asks him about Christopher’s visit. The priest shares that Chris and his companion who introduced himself as Gabriel were looking for Francis, who had been a regular visitor to the church until he suddenly stopped coming. The Toreador complained about disturbing dreams, which Marcus suspects is due to aftereffects of memory erasure through Dominate, but Lambert cannot share any more details as the Kindred’s secrets are protected by confession. However, his childe had already established that Blanche noticed something about her companion, confronted him about it and subsequently disappeared. Lambert asks Marcus to pass along a heavy envelope to Francis should he find him, which he agrees to before attempting to track his childe through Dementation. The visions he receives as a result are incredibly cryptic, so with time running out, Marcus decides to visit the Nosferatu first. He is greeted by Joshua who apoligizes for de Worde’s absence since his primogen is currently investigating Stepano’s disappearance. The Malkavian gains some information about his childe and Blanche, who had last been seen around the docks, and who the Nosferatu are sure will be found with Francis, a Kindred of a different clan than he introduced himself as, though his precise bloodline is unknown to them at the moment. Marcus immediately makes his way to the docks after he finishes his conversation.

Sinéad, who is the first to arrive, checks the warehouse from which she took the earth and herbs and promptly triggers a very painful trap that had been set there. She manages to escape the warehouse before a second trap is activated and summons a cat to ask for information on Blanche who had apparently last been seen entering the warehouse with the trap, at which point the obfuscated Marcus finds her. Emma arrives shortly afterwards and notices the door Sinéad left open. She decides to hide nearby and watch the warehouse for any suspicious activity, but is promptly discovered and flees deeper into the district, stumbling into Marcus and Sinéad just before a fireball hits the door she closed. After a short fight with what turns out to be three Sabbat Kindred, one of whom summons a flaming salamander and one of whom frenzies and nearly decapitates Emma, both her and Sinéad are captured. Marcus manages to escape and explains to the Kindred that Emma summoned – Atticus, Hawke and Lionel as well as the latter’s companions – before they were taken away what happened.


Emma: That last night turned from an average evening in London into hell itself. This is the last time that I go after Sinéad when she tells me she is looking for a Tzimisce to bargain with – next time I will just accept Hawke’s offer of barricading myself until everything is over and to hell with Tzimisce-cooperating pack like that Ravnos. Why did I think this was a good idea? I can’t believe how much bad luck one person can have. Not only did I have nothing to do with whatever happened in that warehouse that caused the Sabbat to attack anyone nearby on sight, but I’m also the only one who almost got decapitated for it. Not that I don’t have my suspicions – this must be the place where Sinéad “acquired” those reagents she wanted to use as a bargaining chip – but it’s not like it matters now anyway. If my bad luck holds, I won’t make it out alive of the Sabbat’s grasp, and even if I suddenly have better luck or come up with a clever plan, what good will that knowledge do me? Her bid for the Sheriff competition is as good as over once the info leaks that she got captured, which I hope I could at least ensure by summoning a few people. Good riddance, though. Something like her is not fit to hold this position in London. I mean, damn it, she can’t even keep one Toreador neonate safe, how the hell am I supposed to believe she can deal with the security of a metropolis like London? Not to mention how much of an embarrassment it is that she got captured without even putting up much of a fight. At least Marcus tried to help me somewhat and managed to escape himself.

I’ll have to play my cards right to get out of this sticky situation. Getting captured by the Sabbat on Friday night was not part of my plans for the weekend. But I’m so crippled by that Toreador bitch that I can barely move without my head falling off! Oh, I hope I can get my hands on her before anybody else does, I’m going to pay her back in kind only too gladly. This has got to be about the worst night I’ve had in London so far, if not the worst night of my life. Once I’m healed up I’ll make these bastards wish I had never been embraced, and may the devil have mercy on anyone who messes with my sire’s sword. This witch and her apprentice will also get what’s coming to them.

10. Endless Night

Sinéad: That night started bad and degenerated into total disaster quickly. Julian working against me was bad enough. It was just… I trusted him. I gave him freedom and didn’t force my will on him. He used my good will against me. I’m not as much mad as I am hurt. Really, really hurt. Despite that, I can’t really do anything to him. I can’t. I told him we will talk soon before I stormed out of our haven.

I don’t think it will happen soon. I had to go after Blanche. I took her as my own. She has disappeared, so I had to take care of her. I made some progress. I have got an upper hand against what I have thought was Hail or his subordinates. Then out of nowhere Marcus appeared. I should have realised by then that things went south, but I knew he can take care of himself just like I can take care of myself. What I didn’t anticipate at all was Emma dragging fire spitting mages at us. What I didn’t anticipate was her being an absolute greenhorn. It was a dumb move when she run away alone, unaware of opponent or danger we faced, but I thought “It’s her choice, she’s on her own”. I know Marcus isn’t the one you could expect to back you up in frontline, but he isn’t one to hinder you as well. That’s one kind of dependable.

Rookies are the worst. You have to carry their weight on top of your own. How could I know a Brujah, coming from a lineage of famous warriors, would be such a coward and a wimp? How could I know she has never seen her blood being spilled? For that, I am mad.

She run, she got caught, she almost died. They’ve got us cornered. I still had fight in me or I could just try to escape. That would most likely condemn her to death. It should be her thing, her responsibility, but I have learned not to leave anyone behind. I have been fighting alone for too long. I should have left her.

The Sabbat is merciless. I am still not sure if I made a right call by accepting the shackles. I hope Emma won’t hate me for for accepting them for her as well. It’s fate worse than death. I decided for a gambit to stretch the game a little bit longer. I may have thrown away my shot at becoming a sheriff by doing it. There are still some things I could try to do. I won’t stop trying. I won’t be myself if I’d just gave up. But. Before escaping, before doing everything of that kind, there is justice. Justice must be served. Heads will roll. Everyone who helped the Tremere enslave us and whoever is being kept in there has to die. Some may be forgiven. Most of them not ever.

I wonder if Blanche is there… In a way, it would be reassuring to see her. In a way, it would be even more horrible.

10. Endless Night

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