2. The Wind from the Sea

"Let's go for a ride!"

[Derpina, 9 July 2016]

While Marcus and Sinead were dealing with the consequences of their excursion to the Third Elysium, a ship berthed at the London port, carrying Lady Bianca and her curious new companion, Ethan. Having arrived earlier than expected, the travellers stepped onto the British shore only to realize that traversing the city at night may prove more challenging than they’d predicted.

Loaded with luggage, the two inquired at the port, unsure how to find Marcus’ manor without causing a ruckus. Luckily, thanks to a favorable coincidence or perhaps a meaningful tingle in the Malkavian network, they bumped into a ghoul who happened to be a servant of one Mr. Talbott, also known as the Malkavian Primogen. The dutiful servant had arrived at the port to receive his master’s guest, and agreed to assist the new visitors with reaching their destination.

During the conversation with the ghoul, Bianca and Ethan learned that the Primogen’s new guest was an inventor hoping to present his most recent contraption to the Prince. The massive new engine was supposed to be powerful enough to lend energy to ships, which could provide a considerable advantage to a nation known for its strong fleet.

Meanwhile, Marcus, unaware of his friend’s early arrival, was entertaining a considerably younger guest. Neonate Bethany, who took a shine to the elder during his visit to the Elysium, was now curiously looking at the ground floor of his manor, hoping to peek beyond the veil of normalcy presented by her immediate surroundings. Subtly teased by the elder, she continued to refer to her unnamed sire with whom she seems to share a strong bond.

At the same time, another lady was just stepping out of a carriage, having accepted an invitation to visit the Toreador Primogen at his seaside manor. With the images of her recent exploit still fresh in her memory, Sinead, accompanied by Julian, approached Mr. Montgomery’s manor with caution.

Following an introduction, the two were offered refreshments, and the host entertained them with brief small talk. He shared that, after inheriting his current position, he was an active member of the local community, but ultimately decided to manage the clan’s affairs from a distance.

As the conversation progressed, the elders moved to gaze at the sea from the mansion’s balcony, while Julian was encouraged to take a walk around the premises and visit the blooming gardens outside. Taking advantage of a private moment with his guest, the host at last began to reveal the real purpose of the meeting – the become acquainted with all the contenders for the sheriff post – and expressed his desire to maintain the status quo in the city.

Curious to hear his reasons, Sinead inquired about his motivation to support the Camarilla, to which the Primogen answered quoting the history of his lineage and the clan’s involvement in establishing the sect. Then, learning Sinead’s story, he scoffed at her implied idealism, unimpressed by the personal incentive.

The meeting concluded with a walk around the Toreador’s art gallery, allegedly assembled by his absent sire. There, among numerous landscapes and portraits, Julian spotted one of Marcus’ paintings, depicting a city abundant with ancient ruins. Asked about the details, Mr. Montgomery revealed that the piece had gone a long way before it joined the collection.

In the meantime, to conversation at the Malkavian Manor was interrupted by the arrival of Lady Bianca and her curious escort. Simultaneously surprised and and joyful to see an old friend, Marcus rushed to greet the new arrivals, supplying his young guest with ample gossip material.

Briefly withholding his enthusiasm, the Malkavian introduced the visitors to one another and invited them in, while Bethany got ready to depart. A hefty meal was served for Ethan who, as Bianca quietly assured, was about as unearthly as his appetite, and the evening was spent on cordial chit-chat.

The Tremere was reunited with her dearest horse, Twilight, and a trip to the Elysium was planned for the next night. The mirth was, however, interrupted by the sudden disappearance of Bianca’s companion. Following a brief search of the premises, it was established that the young man was nowhere to be found, and had he wandered into the city, he was as good as gone.

Thankfully, before a consensus to take action had been reached, Ethan reappeared out of his own volition, carrying a beautiful blue dress for his lady. He was then forced to accept a scolding for theft and hear a lecture about the crime he had allegedly committed. Hoping to avoid any more problems, Marcus introduced the troublesome youth to one of his maids and offered him a day trip to London to keep him occupied during the day.

At last, the party retired, not expecting that the next night would bring yet another adventure…



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