2014 NYE Arcanum Special: The Tales of Toulousse

A summary post of the last game of the first chapter of Book II, and all that happened within

This game consisted of three separate Tales: Where the Wild Roses Grow, Dark Wings, Dark News, The Ivy Prince



A terrible storm breaks out during Bianca, Kaspar, Marcus, and Raine’s travel to Marseilles, and the ship sinks, along with the mortal crew, and the team gets separated – Marcus and Bianca stay together, clinging to Riina’s box, Kaspar ends up on a rocky shore alone, while Raine is forced to spend a day on the bottom of the ocean, and then emerges close to Narbonne.

Soon, Marcus and Bianca, who found shelter near the shore, set off to look for the nearest town, dragging the box with them, and they manage to reach the nearby road. Marcus takes the form of a woman, and under pretence of two damsels in distress – Brunhilde (Bianca) and Helga (Marcus) – they manage to convince a passing knight, Venclav Gustaf, to assist them in their journey. They learn that Gustaf is a mortal noble, one of the two sons of the , and that he is following the trail of the lady of his heart – Emmeline (who is like a rose), and wants to inquire about her at the court of the Queen of Love in Toulouse – Isouda. “Brunhilde and Helga” decide to accompany him there.

When Marcus and Bianca arrive in Toulouse, the harvest festival is just coming to an end. They seek audience with the Queen of Love, and during their meeting with Isouda they are offered a boon in exchange of a small task – convincing three kindred to consider attending a celebration hosted by the Queen. They also enable Gustaf’s meeting with the Queen.

Meanwhile, Kaspar finds himself alone on a beach and manages to find a cave and spend the day there. Having lost his equipment, including his sword, in the sea, and getting separated from the rest of the team, he is alone and aimless. He manages to communicate with the local animals and follows Bianca’s trail and he arrives to Toulouse, where his ruggedly good looks catch the attention of Marie, a noble lady seeking a thrill of walking alone at night. Young and impressionable, Marie is immediately drawn to Kaspar and – not without help from the Brujah – promptly falls in love after learning of his terrible fate at sea. She offers to get him to a blacksmith who would replace Kaspar’s lost sword.

When they arrive to the smithy, it turns out that the blacksmith – Oakheart – is Kindred, something Kaspar suspected from Maria’s description of a surly misanthrope oddball he supposedly was. The blacksmith chases Maria away and, at Kaspar’s inquiry about swords, duels briefly with the Brujah and wins. Oakheart and Kaspar conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Bianca and Marcus, who after the visit to the local Setite architect, Meire, learn that the blacksmith is one of the kindred who did not respond to the Queen’s invitation. Oakheart becomes irritated with his guests, declines the invitation and throws them all out, Kaspar included. It turns out Oakheart really was a surly misanthrope oddball, with a penchant for rampant misogyny and frenzy.

After a couple of days, the team is joined by Rainerio, who trailed Bianca to Toulouse. He was aided on his journey by Jean, a friendly priest of Narbonne, affiliated with the Lasombra. Raine lost the letters from Raven to the waves, and, now aimless, seeks to at least assist the TFG in reaching Marseilles, from where he plans to go back to Spain and then Portugal. Upon arriving to Toulouse three days after Bianca and two after Kaspar, he learns of the Queen’s favour, and decides to help in achieving he boon.

With Oakheart unwilling to budge, the team decides to try the other two invited kindred. Maximilian the Tremere is easily convinced by a prospective meeting with Bianca, while Raine and Kaspar set a meeting with the new, reclusive Lasombra ambassador to Toulouse – Marcello. They arrive to his mansion outside the city, and it turns out the ambassador is an older, blind man, posing as feeble and reclusive, but being (un)surprisingly informed about the comings and going of the city. He flat out refuses to attend the party, but Kaspar with the help of the brilliant Brujah diplomacy, manages to strike a bargain – if Oakheart concedes to come to the party, Marcello will also attend, but if the blacksmith does not attend, Kaspar will have to kiss the Lady Bernadette.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Bianca stay at the inn and encounter a depressed Gustaf, who has already talked to the Queen, but it turned out his love – Emmeline – died not long ago. He also resolutely claims that he liked Helga much more than Marcus. Bianca and Marcus decide to take him out on a brief bender, but he gets awfully drunk in the process. After reuniting with Kaspar an Raine, they discuss how the matter of coercing Oakheart to attend. They decide to backtrack, and ask the Seneschal, Louise, who points them to Johann, a local Nosferatu.

Next evening, Raine and Marcus investigate the church which is supposed to be Johann’s favourite haunt, but the only person they encounter is Lady Bernadette – a woman dressed like a knight, with dual swords strapped to her belt. Raine speaks to her and she recommends Meire’s brothel as a possible alternative as to where to look for the Nosferatu.lls them about the Old Guard – six Kindred left over from the reign of the former Queen of Love in Toulouse, Escarmonde; they learn that, other than Oakheart, Meire (the Setite) also counted among that number, along with the German Nosferatu Johann, the sculptor Nevea, Il Dottore (a Cappadocian), and the elusive Pepe.



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