3. A Study in Scarlet

Monday, the 27th of February, 1888

“Don’t forget to speak scornfully of the Victorian Age; there will be time for meekness when you try to better it. Very soon you will be Victorian or that sort of thing yourselves; next session probably, when the freshman come up.”

1. Visiting 2nd Elysium (what’s its name?)

Sinéad and Julian entered Vanity early in the evening, followed by Bianca and Ethan. Marcus and Christofer took the rear. The confidence, the extravagance, the glamour!

2. Meeting Emma.

3. We play a game of dare.

4. Marcus goes away, we start to gossip.

5. Ethan, Chris, Julian and Bianca explode something in Elysium, three of them disappear instantly

6. They discovered a secret room in the Elysium, of which even the keeper didn’t know

7. Emma goes to 3rd Elysium, meets Miranda and someone else (was it this time when she has got a loan from Atticus?)

8. something something

9. Sinéad goes to Gangrels, meets Wolfie, gets smashed out of her mind.

10. Sinéad goes to Marcus who was annoyed for some reason, so he dementates her out of her mind.



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