Chapter 1: In the Wake of Poseidon

A summary post for the first chapter of Book II, and all that happened within

[Derpina 17/06/2015]
Or how the team progressed from being attacked by headhunters to getting thrown out of a monastery and subsequently burning down the city of Barcelona.

The traveling kindred were lucky to have found a cave in the mountains where they could retire for the day, while their companions made camp outside, guarding their repose. Everything would have gone smoothly, had it not been for the headhunters who appeared after dark, hacking and slashing at the travelers. The battle may have been swift, with all of the assailants dead or heavily wounded, but unfortunately, although victorious, the adventurers did not come out of it without a scratch.

Having disposed of the dead, who just may have served the Inquisition, as the kindred learned from their letters, the group assessed the damage and set off towards their destination. Somehow, nobody noticed that the journey to the monastery upon a hill took much less than it should have…

There, a mysterious Prioress, later revealed to be a Malkavian, greeted the adventurers with the following words:

(Sea) The sea is shadowed. A fine gossamer thread covers it, with a multifaceted black stone, set in Barca’s Crown. Winds of change blow strong into the sails at mermaid’s tale and old stories come to life under the yellow clouds.

(The city) The path is set in stone, covered in rosy Venetian glass, it beckons and it calls, and your feet yearn to take you down the flight of oaken stairs

(Iron) The path is unchangeable as are the bones of the earth, you will not know you walk it until the king of steel pierces you with his gaze

The ivy prince has no crown as he leans on the crumbling wall, leaves wrapping him in a tight embrace. He looks up at the sky and first drop of blood falls on his perched lips. His daughter and wife slew a three headed beast on the hill and now blood is trickling down.

[I don’t know if that’s all. Perhaps the GM could upload the correct version. I was typing quickly during the game and there may be typos and omissions.]

With absolutely no understanding of the message, the group dispersed to regain their strength and prepare for the journey ahead. Caspar befriended beautiful Eva, from whom he learned about the enigmatic Raven, Marcus attempted to speak with graves and spirits, Joachim vanished mysteriously and Bianca and Riina investigated the case of a missing boy – Cai – who had disappeared somewhere during the passage through the mountains. Whether he had gone to a better or worse place, nobody knows, for a fight broke out within the team, and everyone, aside from Marcus, was asked to leave.

That, alone, would not have been much of a problem. However, another fight, this time between Caspar and Riina, erupted a few miles down the road, eventually forcing the Nosferatu into torpor. With an inconvenient package and new wounds to heal, the group slowly moved towards Barcelona

At first, the city appeared pleasant enough, even despite the rumors about intraclan squabbles between the Keepers. The group announced its arrival and was assigned a guide, a smug Lasombra by the name of Rainerio Claudio del Sannio, whose task was to see to the adventurers’ needs and make sure they found a ship that would carry them to their next destination. A rather easy task, one would think. Unfortunately, everything got complicated with the appearance of Assamites, hostile Lasombra agents and the Ravnos Ida, who happened to be in possession of a book precious to both of these groups.

What was meant to be a refreshing evening at a port tavern, went awry the moment Marcus was assaulted and almost burned to death. Although the attack was unsuccessful, fire began to spread across the city, inspiring rage in the local Prince.

The group changed inns and was quickly enlisted to board a ship that was meant to take them to Marseille, with their gracious guide kindly asked to accompany them thus far.

The following night, while Bianca was taking care of torpored Riina, Marcus and Ida were once again accosted by a group of Assamite hitmen who tried to retrieve the precious item. A fight ensued, as a result of which the book disappeared…

The adventurers boarded the ship with an uncanny feeling that they may not be welcome to revisit Barcelona in the years, or perhaps centuries to come. Luckily, nobody died, and the lands of clan Toreador held promise of peace and cordiality.

It would be tempting to say that all’s well that ends well, unfortunately, the ship never reached its destination…



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