Chapter 2: The Mirror Cracked, Part I: Eschte's Caress

A summary post for Part I of the second chapter of Book I, and all that happened within

It all went to hell when Runko arrived with Alyss. Or rather arrived without Alyss and caused a riot, which just sort of happened.

It turned out that Lady Alyss was ladynapped by agents of a Hungarian Tzimisce lord; her noble steed – the gentle Constance – was horsenapped along with her. While Lady Alyss managed to free herself from her captors with relative ease, the snow-white mare was taken to distant lands, much to the anguish of her mistress.

Three brave “volunteers” agreed to go on a diplomatic, hush-hush mission to Hungary to negotiate with the selfish Tzimisce lordling who had though he could just abduct a lady by force to be his wife. And nabbed the lady’s horse instead, how about that.

Shenanigans followed.

Derpina [11/06/2015]

It was a long journey West. The eerie, unfriendly forests, a hut with grass growing around it in the middle of winter, voices in the wind. Contrary to the team’s expectations, the towns they passed on the way were no more welcoming than the wilderness.

Having reached the town of [insert name here], the travelers agreed to remove a handful of mortals inconvenient to its Tzimisce Prince, accidentally making their short- and long-term intentions known to Aella, a local Ravnos information dealer.

Among the unfortunate souls whose names made it to the hitlist was a woman, murdered by her raging husband, a priest whose faith had left a taint on Runko right before he died, a Lasombra lord who taught the aforementioned to fish with her bare hands, and a handsome man whose death left the killers with a sense of remorse… and an unusual golden symbol.

In exchange for their service, the adventurers received a peculiar gift of gratitude – a heart shaped skin that would preserve blood during their long journey.

Then, following a rumor about a Malkavian Prince living in the area, Marcus, who served as the guide, decided to take a small detour, and lead the group to Temesvar, a beautiful city upon a hill. Everything would have gone well, had the guide’s sex not changed the night of their arrival…

Having crossed the dangerous marshes that surrounded the settlement, the jolly group with its not-so-jolly guide entered the city and was immediately cautioned to keep quiet, for the prince was suffering from a terrible headache and wished not to be disturbed. Having bumped into a Toreador Adam, a friend to the local innkeeper, they managed to secure themselves a place in an overpriced inn and an audience with the Prince the following night.

The audience hall of the Temesvar’s castle was indeed impressive, with a round, detailed mosaic adorning its walls. While one may have had qualms concerning its rather frivolous content, the artistic value was undeniable. Nothing, however, could prepare the group for a meeting with Prince Ariel.

There were polite inquiries, questions, lingering feeling of terror, dance, feasting and displays of impossible aim and coordination when the feeling of terror intensified. The visit was as memorable as it was horrifying, but surely, few adventurers could boast of such an experience!



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