Chapter 2. The Rising Tide.

The first game of the second chapter of Book II, and all that happened within

30th April 1444, Wien. The candle flickers on the table, next to an antique vase filled with lavender. You sit there, ponderously, reminiscing. For many of you this is where it started, though “it” is often an entirely different thing.

The shadows of those no longer around seem to hover somewhere in the distance. Metaphorically… And literally as well.


Tibert [28.05.15]:

Letters form Marcus reach the rest of the TFG, urging his allies to come to his assistance on the 30th of April. Riina, as a Nosferatu, was apparently granted safe conduct to the city.

And so Caspar, Bianca and Riina appear at Marcus’ humble abode to his surprise, they ponder on who might have played a trick on them and if it is a trap. Mystery solved itself after another knock on a door. This time it’s Otto the Librarian accompanied by Maria, the Malkavian of Prague. They learn that Cappadocius has been diablerized by Augustus Giovanni and the Clan has fallen to their own bloodline, along with its secret stronghold Ercyries.

Their reunion is interrupted by another arrival, although this time it’s a grim one. Brother Joachim tells them of his struggle to warn his Clan of dangers from the ones that they trust the most and a way to restore his memory. His journey did not end well and there he is, a ghost over a fireplace, speaking from the Shadowlands. He died on the hands of the Assamites, who gave him a profecy of his Clan demise.

When Ghost of Friend Past disappeared, Otto announed his departure from the city and left the library in TFG’s care, instructing him which books are to remain in a monastery and which can be moved to the city library (founded by Marcus to commemorate his deceased Sovereign). After explaining rights of property to our brave friends, he left, and so did Marcus&Company.

While the Company was discussing property rights, somebody was actively trying to violate them (by their opinion) or execute them (by her opinion) and be awesome. Sinead O’Kearney entered the monastery and tried to procure the books commisioned by the Ventrue Prince of Munchen (I tell you, good lord, it’s the truth!). She has procured the books in question (It’s not my fault the Librarian wasn’t there! I was told to hurry, I guess I was late… but you can’t blame me for that) and left the workshop through the window just to face Marcus, Bianca and Riina. Luckily for her, they were so preoccupied with the books she was carrying they let her slip.

And so the chase started Wild chase it was. WIld indeed. One might think a whole hell broke loose. There were owls and bears running after redheaded thug, mad horses being stolen, trees uprooting themselves and laughing, and Caspar finding a tavern to hide in. The tavern happened to be the one Sinead was hiding in as well, so she was got cornered. RIina&Company tried to reason with her, but by accident door to her room were splintered and the trees weren’t helping as well. Damn unlucky, wasn’t she?

And when they arrived to conclusion, Sheriff of Vienna appeared to check what is this fuzz about and invited them for a night in a Secret Tremere Detention Room.

Wild chase, wasn’t it?



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