Chapter 2, The Rising Tide. Father II.

A summary post for the seventh game of the second chapter of Book II, and all that happened within

In which our heroes get to ponder on the sins of the fathers, the end of the world as they know it and whether the world does, as a matter of fact, run in circles.



The game’s afoot!

Our noble warriors arrive to Lisbon for different reasons – some to spy, some out of curiosity, some are summoned.

Some – and here by “some” I mean Marcus – come to take the long-coming revenge on those who used and humiliated them in the most hilarious atrocious way possible.

Rumour is Rainerio Claudio del Sannio himself – a Lasombra elder supporting the Anarch cause and Marcus’s old flame – will visit the city. And you know what they say about Setite rumours, right?

And so Bianca and Riina arrive as Caspar’s guest, while Sinead and Marcus follow separately. Marcus takes on the guise of Claudius the Fool – an insipid, mild man with an uncanny knowledge of ancient cities.

Meanwhile, Kindred of all clans (except the Tremere; and Assamites, of course; ok, and the Cappadocians; well, the Salubri are dead and gone anyway; and so are the Baali) meet to discuss pressing matters – the rising tide of the Anarch revolution, the changes that are about to come, the strange and clandestine dealings of the Ventrue…

And the distant past, the old hurts that still cast a shadow on the relations between various clans, as well as the secret history of Kindred. There is also open talk of sedition against the Antediluvians, supposedly invincible, and yet at the time of the meeting, two of them have already been toppled. Perhaps there is hope for more?

After the meeting, when several of the clan delegates have already departed from Lisbon, Marcus shows his true face to his friends, who agree to help him hunt down the traitorous Raine.

Later, on the same night, a powerful storm breaks out, wreaking havoc upon the city; amidst the lashing rain and howling wind that bring destruction wherever they unleash their anger, a ship arrives at the harbour. The passengers escape the tempest quickly abandoning the ship, while a certain Nosferatu, looking for shadows of the Lasombra in the city, calmly observes the spectacle. She soon boards the mysterious ship, just to look around, really, and discovers that the ship came from Rome; it probably carried Regulus’, the local Lasombra representative, childe – Francesca.

Riina accidentally picks up a silver dagger and takes it to the meeting, where it’s decided that the knife will be planted in the chamber of the Ravnos representative…


… tempted by one and only Sinead, who convinced her that the representative in evil incarnate – a wicked man who brought a curse of Caine upon her. Not that she is complaining about that part, but his intent has to be malicious! She intends to spoil his plans and feels that this is time to take action. If only the manhunt for Raine did not stand in her way…


The ploy, however, quickly gained a life of its own – as the missing dagger was found in the chamber of the Ravnos representative, his patron, the Ventrue Olivier, came under suspicion of plotting against the city and acting as a spy for the incoming invasion.



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