Chapter 2, The Rising Tide. The Dream of Vienna.

A summary post for the second game of the second chapter of Book II, and all that happened within

On the banks of Danube rises the city of Vienna, for centuries now a constant on the changing map of Europe. A lonely island among a sea of chaos, changing and yet unchanged, it is a true haven for all those who dwell therein.


Oh, what a glorious day, spent in the dungeon once used by the Prince Valerianus of Vienna himself… The evening was almost as good as the day, with Marcus looking for traces of his long-gone Prince, Caspar being not amused and Riina… Riina being interested in a new arrival, whom was just uninterested in getting to know her better. Wild chase happened once again. The arena wasn’t as spacious as the last time, therefore it was a short and tragic endeavour.

Bianca wasn’t locked up, as she was member of a ruling Clan of Vienna and was tasked with digging through our little magpie’s belonging (and changing some of them’s locations, but shhh, it wasn’t a theft!). After concluding she isn’t dangerous, but dashing, Bianca went to release her friends, including newly aquired one, from detention.

After being released we learned of great many things that happened during that short period of time, including the Prince of Vienna, Lotharius, to be busy and mad and Ventrues swarming in the city. There were other peculiar events going on, for example, a volcano erupted in a village not far from the city. Normally we wouldn’t bother, but if we’re being asked to investigate on behald of Prince of Vienna…

And so we left the city and reached the village in question, which was, as mentioned before, quite thoroughly erupted by a volcano, covered with lava and generally burned to the ground with exception of a single wall. Someone was barbaric enough to put a graphiti on it. A foreigner, I tell you, we couldn’t understand it. Bah, we couldn’t wash it off, it was burned into the stone! Riina was exceptionally outraged by it and chased to the forest shouting something about oaths being broken.

So scouted the area and waited for her, but when she came back she wasn’t quite herself…




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