Chapter 2, The Rising Tide. The Dream of Vienna II.

A summary post for the third game of the second chapter of Book II, and all that happened within

Ash dances in the air above the burned, molten mess that was a peaceful village but a week before. The land seems restless.

The citizens of Vienna go on about their matters.

Waters flows in Danube.

The Eastern wind blows.


As mentioned before, Riina wasn’t quite herself when she came back. She was terrifying and ugly (not that she isn’t normally…). She had this crab-like shell which made terrible noises when she was trying to move. Crab-Riina (let’s call her Crabiina) told us it’s a gift from a friend. Nice friends she has, doesn’t she?

And so we chased off to Vienna to anounce a presence of Tzimisce in the area. Despite being hot news nobody was really shocked (and by that time Sinead gathered being harbinger of doom isn’t a cool job, because nobody really pays attention). It turned out the Tremere have already started preparing their defence by locking themselves in the Chantry, sending the Prince to far away lands and ordering Bianca to take care of moving books from Otto’s library into city one and guarding two of three of their clanmates, new arrivals, who didn’t fit into Chantry. Bianca carried the news to Marcus’ humble abode, where TFG was gathered.

Crabiina was overjoyed to move to the library, Sinead less so. While Marcus&Company headed for the monastery, Sinead dawdled a bit with intention of feeding. Her streak of bad luck didn’t end and accidentally she scared a priest, who concluded there are monsters in the city. As a result Karl Schrekt got embraced… but this is a completely different story.

The Tremere who weren’t performing a ritual – namely Demetrius and Johanna – were packing up the books, which caused Crabiina’s outrage. The furious little crustacean didn’t allow any text to be moved, as brother Otto wished for them to stay! How could those pesky Tremere think of disregarding Brother Librarian’s will?

The ruckus caused by Crabiina stalled the situation long enough for Sinead to catch up. Redheaded Thug has met Johanna in the garden and instantly befriended her and decided she is the most kind and lovable creature in Vienna and whole Roman Empire, but the beautiful friendship was not given to them. As they moved to from Kloisterburg to Vienna, something was off… Marcus felt danger and went to check it… Bianca went to check on gates to the city under the shape of night bird… and we went inside. Wild display of Tzimisce magic turned the place into death trap. The team barely escaped alive, Riina and Sinead both were badly burned.

It turned out Riina’s old friend, Veri of Tzimisce, wanted to have revenge on Tremere Johanna and Demetrius. She has burned the village to draw attention and when she met Riina in there, she explained her plan and demanded to not interfere or die. TO make sure her companions won’t suspect anything, she turned her into Crabiina, knowing that curse of Nosferatu does not allow powers of Vicissitude to last for long on their body.

Then she has infiltrated the city and smuggled her henchmen to help her perform her deed. They locked off exits from the library and when their victims entered the building, set it on fire. Veri has fought Demetrius and put him down while fight between Riina and Sinead with help of Veri’s minions finished Johanna. Then she escaped the building.

Riina explained the situation to hte group when they met after the fire. Despite Marcus’ and Sinead’s grudge, she allowed to leave unharmed because of Caspar’s and Bianca’s will. She has left Vienna next evening, wishing to never come back.

But that is not the end of the story. The Ventrue had huge gathering and a party attended by TFG and by Prince Lotharius. Nobody expected him to be stabbed by one of servants, who was apparently controlled by Tzimisce Veri…

Soon after Sinead left Vienna and moved to Prague.




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