Introduction: The Patrician

A summary post for the introductory chapter of Book I, and all that happened within

“Welcome, welcome, m’lord! Welcome to my humble abode! Would you like something to drink? No? Here, let me find you a chair….”

“It’s such a great honour, m’lord, to have you here, in our small haven. I cannot start to express how big an honour it is that you would see fit to visit your humble servants so soon after arriving… indeed, on the very second night! If there is anything at all that we could do to serve m’lord bi-”

“Ah, yes. Yes, of course. I shall provide all the information necessary to further m’lords agenda… whatever that agenda may be… and let me just say: it will be a pleasure. For truly, it will.”

“It is a good time for our little town… which, I believe, can no longer be truly called little, no. A prosperous merchant town… Yes, Leopold III Babenberg, the kine ruler, tries to make it into a capital of a mortal realm. Just look at the harbour and all the merchandise that comes through here every month… enough, I am sure, to build him a seat worth of a king… and, of course, if that happens, HE will also move there, no doubt about it.”

“Ah… yes. Him. Yes, he’s still here, the Usurper, and my father’s blood is still on his hands, red as ever. Oh, m’lord, how good you are now here. With you around He will have to watch his steps, carefully, oh yes, very carefully. It makes me wistful… I carry still with me the memory of free Vienna… And the hope that it shall become so again, one day…”

“As for Him… Oh, yes, there are many things I can tell you, m’lord…”

In criticism I will be bold, and as sternly, absolutely just with friend and foe. From this purpose nothing shall turn me.

What happened to Elemer?
You have visited the Sheriff, Werner Von Laudau, and on his advice talked with the missing envoy’s lover, Maria, and her husband, Mark.
You have seen glimpses of the world around your sanctuary.
And you have evaluated your trust in those around you.
Or have you?
On the second night, the riddle waits at the gate.

The Introduction for TeamVienna was a tale of murder most foul and the subjectivity of truth. Herein were introduced our protagonists: Marcus, a former hermit and monk, who, after his brutal and unexpected embrace was abandoned in the woods, only to fight shelter at the Cappadocian-Benedictine monastery near Vienna; Joachim, a Benedictine monk, scholar and medic, who came to learn from a Master of his road, the abbot Marius; Caspar, a Brujah scholar and warrior, who came to the city with a message to his brother-in-blood, Eric; and Michael, a young crusader, embraced by Eric in the Holy Land and freshly (end prematurely) returned from the first Crusade.

This was the team who was tasked by the Prince of Vienna, Valerianus, to find out who or what was responsible for the death of the Tzimisce ghoul diplomat, Elemer, in exchange for the right to remain and obtain the feeding rights in his prestigious and safe domain.

The ensuing adventures consisted of, among other things, Marcus and Joachim pretending to be saints sent by God Almighty to bring the relief of a confession to one of the main suspect’s household, of the team meeting a few seedy individuals and being tricked by an ugly stable boy, of Caspar visiting a wooden hunting estate in a forest near Vienna and of much feasting and getting to know the people in the monastery where many of the future events would take place.

The team was not of one mind on the matter of the murder, nor on the Prince’s offer; still, they conducted a seemingly successful investigation into the matter, finding out that the direct cause of death of the envoy was an ancient, feral Gangrel — the so called “Monster in the Woods”, as they dubbed him — even if the circumstances in which the man found himself near the kindred’s lair remained unclear and suspicious to their eyes.

Unfortunately, this revelation, made by Caspar and Michael, who decided to investigate the Ashen Wood of which they heard disturbing tales, led to the demise of the latter. Young Michael perished in the fight with a foe whose ability far outmatched his own; and yet he managed to buy Caspar enough time to finish off the weakened foe, so his sacrifice was not in vein.

The Cappadocian Abbot, Marius, who was a dear, old friend of Eric’s arranged for the body of the deceased to be returned to a respectable state and for a sublime funeral ceremony to be held for his memory, with his body burned and his ashes scattered afterwards.

Soon after the funeral the Abbot’s other kindred guest, Simon the Seeker, left the city and our heroes faced the difficult task of dealing with the consequences of their findings.


How could it come to this! An envoy murdered in a beautiful city of Vienna! Nobody knew who nor why has fulfilled the malevolent deed, but the Prince was furious, I tell you!

Coincidentally, a group of mischievous misfits has just entered the city. As jolly as inexperienced and spirited, we gladly took the Prince’s offer to solve the case. We used all means necessary, including travelling saints!

Just remember, there are no monsters in the forest!

Alas, poor Caspar, losing his nephew to something nonexistent…



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