The Tales of Prague

A Welcome to Bohemia - the adventures of TeamPrague in Book I, collectively

Welcome to Prague, the city of crossroads. Here it stands in the shadow of the Vyszechrad castle, a place blending Slavic and German, east and west, not only in the cultural and national sense, but also in the much more volatile world of Kindred politics.

Prague, the heart of Bohemia. A city serving as an unnamed frontier of the Holy Roman Empire. A centre for both culture and commerce, where many roads lead to and from in these nights. An ancestral ground of the Tzimisce. A new crown jewel of the Ventrue. A city of learning, one of the few havens of the Prometheans of Old Carthage. A multicultural city of many names and stories.

And here you are.

Finally, you have arrived. Your road was long and full of twists and turns, but somehow you have found yourself here, looking from the top of a hill on this city that teems with life. Lights flash and voices echo in the distance. The promise of warm hearth, warm blood and the bustle of a city draws you in. Your old life has finished and you truly have nowhere to go. Will you find what you are looking for here, in those cobbled streets? Or is it just another insignificant step on your way?

Will this be the end of your exile? Is the helping hand you are so desperately searching for already reaching out to you somewhere inside those walls? And, truly, can you be certain as to what you are even looking for?

Is it an end or a beginning?

The shadows come to dance my lord, dance my lord, dance my lord. The shadows come to stay my lord, stay my lord, stay my lord…





There was amulet-hunting, party-plotting, chess-playing, and bear-hugging involved.

Amicus was lovely, but destined to die, as he was Bianca’s true love. The Ventrue Prince was a grand prick, but that’s ok – the Tzimisce voivod and his son were much more fun anyway.

It all started when Bianca was issued the task of retrieving a certain amulet for the Prince. Alexandrio, who introduced himself as a Setite intending to settle in the city, and Runko, who arrived from Kraków and sought to introduce herself to the Prince before visiting the voivode, were tasked with helping the young Bianca in her bid to retrieve the artefact.

It all went to hell when Runko left with Alyss, though – there was a, ah, a natural disaster and an execution (on Alexandrio). The Tremere were at fault, as always.



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