The Mistress of the Necromantic Arts


Alternative Names: none
Born: ?
Embraced: ?
Apparent Age: late teens to early twenties; difficult to estimate because of her clan flaw making her appear thinner and more frail with age
Sire: ?
Generation: ?
Nature: ?
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Road: ?
Merits: ?
Flaws: ?
Height: Around 1,63
Known Affiliations:Marius, Otton, Riina, Joachim, Vilmos,

A whisp of a girl, the still beautiful Cappadocian was known to have stunned many with her otherworldly platinum hair, blue eyes and, once, very feminine charms. Time and her clan flaw eroded some of that charm, yet, it has also highlighted and enhanced some of her natural beauty, like the lovely bone structure of her face and the almost girlish slenderness of her body, making her appear more and more ephemeral with every passing year.

Alyss was always a headstrong woman, rebellious against the supremacy of men, whom she otherwise loved to spend time with. Studious and intelligent, she loved to read just as she loved to socialise, always eager to shine and be courted by the company. For some reason she seemed to have problems establishing friendships with other women.

She is rumoured to have possessed close to oracular abilities, to have had many lovers, to have travelled to all the centres of learning, all around the world.


Alyss had always been a scholar and a traveller, attending many gatherings of like-minded people and keeping close contact with other researchers of the occult. Perhaps too close, some would say. At some point she was in what sounded to be a committed relationship with Eric… Yet something happened and they split. After that she continued with her life like she had before meeting him, except even more social, to the point of being flighty.

Book I

Alyss was first encountered in Prague, where Riina was asked to escort her to Vienna, for a visit to her blood brother, Marius. The task didn’t prove to be simple, as they were beset on the road – twice. The first time the Nosferatu slayed the mortals responsible for the ambush. The second time, they came during the day to the inn Alyss was staying at (Runko, as she was then called, electing to stay in the woods, as her Obfuscate did not allow her to freely move among human beings) and forcibly moved her; she managed to escape some time later and arrive in Vienna unassisted after all, but her captors kept her horse, Constance, which made her very distressed. She persuaded Runko and Joachim to go as envoys to one Count Vilmos and negotiate with him on her behalf, so that the horse is returned and the troublesome suitor appeased and so they did, taking Marcus with them. The mission ended up being a total disaster, following an attempt at diplomacy by the Nosferatu, and suddenly Alyss found herself face to face with Vilmos, who turned out to be a spurned lover she had in the past lured with false promises.

After a short but embarrassing visit, the Tzimisce archmage returned to his lands, bitter and disillusioned, and the Cappadocian had to suffer the thunderous looks of Eric and Marius, which she largely ignored, electing to stay in Vienna until further notice. And so she did, taking every opportunity to play court games and wreak havoc… until one fatal evening she had a premonition of danger and realised she couldn’t find her brother, or Eric. She travelled to the city, looking for them, and enlisted the help of the protagonists in the way, but although they were able to establish that the Cappadocian monastery had been attacked, it turned out that neither of the men was there at the time. Marius returned before the fire engulfed the structure and reportedly took a sword with him, going into the woods. Knowing that, Alyss, Otton and the protagonists went to look for him. When, despite their efforts, the Abbot died, and Eric was found dead, burned in the Sun, the very next night, Alyss swore vengeance upon clan Assamite and travelled, first to Eircyes, and then further East, to look for the culprits. Joachim and the Salubri warrior Marylyn accompanied her part of the way, but finally, she was left to her own devices. What happened in the end is unclear, but it looks that unable to fulfil her goal and not finding any other reason to continue living, Mistress Alyss walked into the Sun.

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Spectre-like beauty, known for causing a ruckus at many courts of Europe and at the same time a mistress of rare paths of Mortis. Constantly keeping her posture, she was a lady able to use both her mind and charm to her advantage. Despite playful, manipulative nature, she was a sensitive and caring person when it came to ones close to her. Sister of Abbot Marius. They constantly argued about differences in their ways, but gladly met each other. They truly were brother and sister, devoted, but different. Lover of Eric of the Cross. Their relationship suffered because of her affair with Tzimisce archmage, count Vilmos. Solving resulting diplomatic crisis was assigned to me, Marcus and Runko and was the reason of our second journey into the Magyar lands. After both Marius’ and Eric’s death grief consumed her. She devoted herself to the quest for vengeance. However, their murderer was someone way beyond her reach. Unable to avenge her loved ones, she walked into dawn. Joachim had deep respect for Alyss, but didn’t approve of her ways, just like her brother did. Yet he treated her as his elder and accepted as his mistress after Marius died. Her suicide put Joachim onto his own path leading to demise, as he lost both the close ones and reasons to trust anyone but God himself.




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