Anne Bowesley


Alternative Names: “Lady Anne”,
Born: ?
Embraced: 1688
Apparent Age: 50s
Sire: Valerius
Generation: ?
Nature: ?
Demeanor: Architect
Road: ?
Merits: ?
Flaws: ?
Height: 1,52 m
Known Affiliations: Mithras, Caroline Mortimer, Richard de Worde

Only five feet tall, Anne is a small middle aged woman with delicate features and chestnut hair tied in a bun. Casual observes mistake her for an elegant and well-heeled matriarch; despite her small stature she appears to be very difficult to ignore when in company.

A confident and ambitious woman, Lady Anne made short work of all the challenges life saw fit to put in her way, her string of victories speaking of an iron will and determination worth of any Ventrue. Indeed, despite her young age she already possesses power and influence far greater than what many of her much older clanmates can boast.

Few people are as attractive a gossip material as the Prince’s right hand, and so many and varied stories are told — all behind the Lady’s back and even then, in whispers, and only among “trusted” kindred. The fate of her own sire is no secret, and a cautionary tale to any kindred who wishes for truly talented progeny. It is commonly known that the Prince has recognised the Parliament as Anne’s domain, and it is whispered that she has his leave to rule the city however she sees fit, as he has grown tired of doing it himself. Many think the Lady would try to seize the power of her Prince if she could; but even she surely does not stand a chance against one as ancient as him?


Lady Anne is the childe of Mithras’ former senechal, Valerius, who in turn was a childe of the Prince’s Indian friend and clanmate, Bindusara, who used to visit the city during the Dark Ages.

Coming from a noble family and having some success in politicking as a mortal, a success big enough to draw the Prince’s right hand to offer her embrace, Lady Anne was reborn into darkness in 1688. Following the embrace she feigned her own death and spent a few decades learning her newly gained ability and studying kindred lore, to return to politics after a few decades, once everybody she knew passed away.

She quickly became her sire’s right hand, and showed great ambition and acumen in the political Jyhaad of the Cainite world, gaining ground for clan Ventrue in their struggle with their political opponents. It was for her merits in the field of counteracting Tremere influence in mortal London that Mithras granted her her domain of the Parliament, and she was the one to keep tabs on the ruling class of England ever since, complementing her Prince’s hold on the government.

Unfortunately for her, she managed to accomplish more in a century than her sire had in half a millenium, and so their relationship was marred by bitterness. He started to see her as a threat, and made a move to curb her influence as the Prince went away for another of his trip, leaving him in charge. However, as he took the prince’s power in all but name, acting in his name and with his power and authority, he couldn’t afford to dispose of his valuable and talented childe; he needed a second in command. He made a point of assigning her the less important, if necessary work, mostly in the mortal world, and taking all the important kindred decisions on his own.

A series of various disasters followed, including (but not limited to) a Sabbat insurrection, the official recognition of clan Tremere in the city, an epidemic, and the deterioration of the natural environment in and around London. All in all, when Mithras returned almost a century later, he was none too pleased with his senechal’s performance and Valerius was ousted and disgraced, lady Anne taking her sire’s place in the prince’s court.

That was 3 years ago, yet to many it seems as if the respectable matriarch had always been the Primogen of clan Ventrue and the Prince’s capable administrator.

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Anne Bowesley

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