Anthony Powell

"Corvus sends his greetings."


Alternative Names: Anthony of Cambridge
Born: ?
Embraced: before 1602
Apparent Age: early twenties
Sire: Corvus
Generation: ?
Nature: ?
Demeanor: Idealist
Road: Humanity
Merits: ?
Flaws: ?
Height:around 1,77
Known Affiliations: Mithras, Cassandra, Marcus Foster, Caspar von Silenen, Bianca,

Anthony used to have both the good looks and the demeanor of a young, idealistic and naive young man; that quickly earned him the nickname “Puppy”, which Bianca and Caspar used to talk about him behind his back. Light eyed and blonde hair, he is rather lanky, possibly owing partially to the age at which he was embraced, but not unpleasant to the eyes. When Bianca arranged for a bath and some decent clothes for him at their first meeting , he looked quite presentable. A characteristic feature of his was how lively and animated he was in public; putting feeling into everything he did and said when others were looking, though Caspar also had an opportunity to witness another, quietly determined side of him.

Personality wise, Anthony seemed to be a very open man, honest to a fault and possessing quite a few personal quirks, some of which weren’t obvious at first sight. He had a very deep – and peculiar – sense of justice and apparently found it very difficult to walk by somebody’s misfortune without “helping”; on the other hand, he didn’t seem to be very remorseful about ruining people’s lives when “it’s necessary”.

When it comes to him, the rumours surrounding him are very difficult to sieve from the truth. He certainly seems the kind of person, to produce enemies effortlessly and in large quantities, but it appears his antics have also won him some admirers. All in all, he seems to be the proverbial devil, who sometimes jumps out of the box and then… the area becomes “interesting”, as some would say. Still, as of the VIctorian period, the stories one hears tend to point to a darker fate befalling the Malkavian, with a crippling disorder making him virtually unable to leave his haven.


Renaissance Special

The protagonists have met Anthony in Boston, the very same night Bianca assumed her regency of the town and its environs. Caspar found the man about to be burned for being a “witch” by a disgruntled mob and, unwittingly, won a Malkavians everlasting gratitude for stepping up to his defence. From what they have learned later, it seemed that Anthony was quite young from their perspective and, according to what he himself said, he came from Cambridge, though it wasn’t the place of his mortal birth, merely his sire’s residence. He didn’t have much to say about his past, apparently not feeling such things to be relevant.

Caspar learnt that Anthony’s trouble with the local people were not his only problem; apparently he had said a few things too many to a few people too many and now one lady in particular wanted him dead for putting doubt on the cause of her husband’s death. Caspar foiled the somewhat amateurish assassination attempt and confronted the Malkavian about it, at which it was very suddenly decided that yes, confrontation is the way to go about that and that yes, Anthony is going to visit the Cecil party at Bourghley House with Caspar and Bianca, where the lady will be, and solve the matter. Caspar, who wasn’t planning to attend the event was persuaded to do so, and the glorious and fashionably dressed team went to solve all the problems.

They somewhat succeeded. Anthony was able to get Caspar in without an invitation and, talking with the Duke of Amber, he used the name of Corvus to obtain free reign at the gathering. Who or what Corvus is remained unclear.

Book III

Anthony visited his childe, Cassandra, in the summer of 1888, possibly wanting to check upon her and how she was dealing with her new life in a great city. During this visit he seemed to be in a high spirit, and to encourage him to socialise with people, Cassandra took him to the Third Elysium, where he had the opportunity to talk and make merry with others.

He did.

Book IV

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Anthony Powell

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