The Ivy Prince


Alternative Names: ?
Born: ?
Embraced: ?
Apparent Age: Middle twenties
Sire: Valerianus
Generation: 7th
Nature: ?
Demeanor: Celebrant
Road: Humanity
Flaws: Feeding Restriction (?), ?
Height: Around 1,80 m
Known Affiliations: Valerianus, Marcus

Tall and boyishly handsome, Dermont is possessed of a strange, fay beauty. His fine bone structure, golden eyes and hair the colour of rich honey make him stand out in any crowd, and his youthful and easy manner belies his many centuries of age. Good-natured and willing to believe in people, he makes many unlikely friends wherever he goes, and he travels extensively, learning new languages, cultures and peoples as he goes. A good storyteller, he can share many tales, old and new, and often does, sharing his experiences and knowledge freely with others… although there is always something of a trickster in the storyteller, often misleading or otherwise setting them up to discover a different truth than what they expected.

A loner by heart, Dermont always goes his own way in the end. While he remains unfailingly charming and gregarious when he finds himself among people, he does not mind solitude in the slightest. It seems that the main reason he has as much contact with others as he does is because his feeding restriction makes it impossible for him to survive away from society. A contemplative introvert, while he is prone to extensive bouts of socialising, he gets tired of company regularly, at which point he moves, to be on his own on the road again.


Book II

Marcus and Rainerio discovered him sleeping under a hill outside Toulouse. Marcus awakened him by accident which saved him from diablerie at the hands of Rainerio, for which service the elder promised Marcus a boon.

The Malkavian later travelled north to visit the Ventrue during the time Dermont spent with his Gangrel friend, a Jarl and former viking rover.

His history remains mostly unknown, though Marcus has been able to learn that Dermont used to be a priest of some sort during his mortal life and had a complicated relationship with his sire later, by the time of the latter’s death having not spoken to him for many years.

Renaissance Special

Book III

Book IV

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