John Mallory

"Don’t embarass yourself. A Jewish hedge wizard can never become a Hermetic master."


Alternative Names: Alistair Payne
Born: ?
Embraced: after 1602
Apparent Age: early to mid thirties
Sire: ?
Generation: ?
Nature: ?
Demeanor: Deviant
Road: ?
Merits: Boon, Eat Food, ?, ?, ?, ?
Flaws: Sire’s Resentment, Disgrace to the Blood, Cursed, Laughingstock, Overextended, ?, ?
Height: Around 1,85
Known Affiliations: John Dee

Very tall and very slender, he has something in him which makes people consider him a very physically attractive man. Black haired and black eyed, his regular features balance between what one would call “pretty” and “masculine” to settle into “aesthetically pleasing”. He dresses with the fashion, obviously to get as much out of his good looks as he can. Although he obviously took good care of his physique, and could be called even slightly athletic, with his broad shoulders giving his frame a handsome cast, the protagonists had a chance to meet him while he was still a mortal and can testify that his body already seemed to be devoid of any fat then, his face even slightly gaunt at the time, which may indicate his mortal days were not spend in opulence.

Personality wise he seems to be a determined and strong-willed individual who doesn’t give up, no matter the circumstances. Rumoured to be both hard-working and talented, he managed to enter the kindred world and remain afloat… so far. The team saw him appearing open-minded, bitter and spiteful on different occasions and were unable to judge how much he can be trusted, if at all.

The story has it that he used to be a mortal mage of Jewish background and that whatever his past dealings with the mages were, they were enough to earn him the disdain and contempt of John Dee, a former hermetic master himself.


Little is known of his mortal life, though what is known seems to point to him being what would later be referred as a “self-made man”; a concept which he preceded by quite a bit of time.

Renaissance Special

As Alistair Payne he attended the celebrations for the 44th anniversary of Queen Elisabeth’s ascension to the throne, organised by Robert Cecil, which took place on the 17th of November 1602 at Burgheley House. At the occasion, he was dressed in fine black clothes of a courtier, though the set had signs of being used, and was not of the finest quality. He first attracted the attention of Bianca, who entered a conversation about the depths with him; a conversation in which she became more and more enthusiastic as her interlocutor proved both politely encouraging and apparently somewhat knowledgeable about some of the things and methods of research she mentioned. They were shortly joined by Marcus, who listened to the conversation for a moment and was alarmed by the man being more knowledgeable on the topic than any random passer by in the court had any right to be. Having checked the man’s aura he noticed it to be one of a ghoul and so he promptly joined the conversation and then kidnapped Bianca for a dance, hoping to warn her of the man’s nature before she has a chance to say too much. As it happened, she didn’t have a chance to speak with Alistair again that night thanks to a scene that unfolded a moment later. It turned out that the man came to the party to exchange a not-so-private word with John Dee, who was unsuccessful at trying to make it a fringe happening and who was caught before he could leave the main gathering of people. Whatever words were exchanged precisely, the protagonists didn’t hear, except for the very end, where Dee, full of contempt, humiliated the ghoul, bringing up both his apparently inferior status and the circumstances of his birth. It was quite obvious to everyone that whatever he asked of Dee was refused in a very harsh manner, in front of the entire kindred court. His face set into a neutral expression, if paler, the man left soon after.

Enlightenment Special:

The next time he was seen was in the year 1786, when Marcus, Sinead and Riina all met him in Edinburgh, where he had stopped for a few days, staying at the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, with which he showed great familiarity. Already calling himself John Mallory, he cut a somewhat controversial figure. He visibly did not get along with one of the local Toreador elders, the clockmaker Alistair Blackwood, was drunk most of the time and visibly flaunted all social norms of the kindred society. His arrogance and general way of behaving made one think his survival up to this point to be a fluke. However, the Tzimisce elder Vilmos visibly treated him seriously.

Book III

Book IV

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Sinéad deems the man fishy, but interesting and surprisingly likeable. He has proven he can be a good companion, both in tavern or court and on a battlefield. She has sympathy for him because of their difficult relationships with their Sires, although his is much more dire. Despite that she doesn’t trust him, as he is Tremere and might be desperate to survive. One could sell his own soul and many more just to live one night longer, and he definitely knows how to find a buyer.

John Mallory

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