Lydia the Bard

A passionate player, be it the lyre, chess or politics


Alternative Names: None known
Born: ?
Embraced: 1099
Apparent Age: Late teens
Sire: Werner von Laudau
Generation: ?
Nature: ?
Demeanor: Conformist
Road: ?
Merits: ?
Flaws: ?
Height: Around 1,60 m
Known Affiliations: Rafael de Corazon

A slim and delicate girl, time stopped for Lydia at a moment where she still possessed the charm of a young girl rather than that of a mature woman. Blonde-haired and green-eyed, she makes an effort to seem an ethereal, high-society beauty rather than the comely neighbourhood girl, dressing to accentuate her willowy, girlish charm.

Clever and sensitive to the feelings and motives of others, Lydia showed promise from an early age, her musical talent and skill matched by her analytical and observant mind and surprising practicality. As time passed she proved to be an ambitious and able individual, making the best of her clan connections and alliances. A gracious lady, she always takes her time to talk with anybody, from the poorest mortal to the most terrifying ancient horror, and has been known to write songs inspired by many such a chance encounter, winning herself the help and support of the people she so immortalised.


Book I

Lydia was a ghoul protegĂ© of Werner von Laudau, Sheriff of Vienna during the time Marcus, Caspar and Joachim first appeared in the City. She used to serve her sire as a companion and overseer of his tavern, which often served as a place of gathering for the local kindred, and would entertain the court of prince Valerianus with her exquisite musical skills when requested. Although of course she couldn’t compete with Frida, a visiting Toreador Elder, when it came to entertaining the court, it was clear she was a perfect candidate for the Embrace as far as the Toreadors were concerned.

And so it happened that Werner obtained siring rights for her during TFG’s second journey to Hungary. Afterwards he asked the local neonates to keep her company and aid her kindred education, hoping to help her understand different clans and learn how to thread in a kindred society… and also to get his devoted, restless childe out of his hair for a fraction of a day at a time. Riina, Joachim and Marcus answered by socialising with the fledgeling and, indeed, trying to teach her things. Riina inspired a love for chess in the girl, which served as a nice metaphor for her future development.

Book II

Unlike her Sire, she survived the Tzimisce attack on the court of Prince Valerianus, simply because she wasn’t present in the city at the time, having convinced her sire to give her leave to tour the Courts of Love. She went of the radar as far as her old friends were concerned and rarely contacted them for reasons unknown. In 1258 she invited them for a reunion meeting in Pamplona, in the Kingdom of Navarra, where she knew she would be staying during a diplomatic mission, but the circumstances quickly changed to unfavourable ones and whatever plans she had did not have a chance to come to fruition. Having to leave suddenly, she left a letter saying they might meet in one hundred years, but, with the chaos of what was to follow, her erstwhile companions did not follow up on it.

Somewhere along the way, in Rheims, her path crossed with Sinéad, who learned how to play chess from her. The Ravnos was fond of her, but never learned much about her more clandestine dealings.

Those became clear only in 1493, during the Convention of Thorns, where Marcus and Bianca noticed her sitting in the second ring of the conjured theatrum, demonstrating her status in her own clan and in the newly founded Camarilla. It looks that she played her game of chess well, taking it to a completely different level indeed.

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Lydia the Bard

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