Marcus Foster

An eternal servant of his deceased Sovereign


Yes, your highness. Your every wish is my command.

Alternative Names: Jezebel, Claudius
Born: 1071
Embraced: October 1098
Sire: Unknown
Childer: Christopher Foster (adopted)
Nature: Pedagogue
Demeanor: Enigma
Generation: 8
Road: Humanity (6)
Disorder: Antisocial Personality Disorder

Height: 172 cm
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing marks: Bleeding wounds in his left and right hand

Always dressed with flair befitting his affluence, he is a man of peculiar demeanor, often veering between courtly manners and witty playfulness. One may be deceived by his fairly handsome appearance, which serves as a handy facade obscuring his aptitude for mischief. Suspicious by nature and paranoid from experience, he directs his attention to carefully observing those around him. Despite his avid interest in politics, notably those concerning clan Ventrue, he does not wish to maintain a long-term agenda of his own.


Once upon a time, a son of a well-to-do vassal. Joined the clergy in his pursuit of knowledge and God, only to become a hermit in the woods surrounding the city of Vienna. Forcefully embraced by an unknown sire, was adopted by the Cappadocians and spent the first nights of his unlife under their protection. Following his first journey to Hungary, chose to leave the monastery and was invited to join Prince Valerianus’s court, where he remained a faithful servant, earning himself the enmity of clan Tzimisce.

In spite of unbearable grief following the death of his Prince, decided to remain in Vienna, becoming a subject of the Prince’s former protégé, Lotharius of clan Tremere. In the following years, gained influence over the local trade, becoming a wealthy individual. Continued to travel to Western and Northern Europe, making unlikely contacts and acquaintances.

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Emma doesn’t know what to make of Marcus yet. He seems a very rational and reasonable individual, but knowing that he is of clan Malkavian, she suspects that this is a facade put on to hide something far more unnerving. She has a healthy dose of respect for him – it’s not (yet) quite fear, rather the knowledge that getting on his bad side would be very unpleasant for her. However, her feelings are mostly neutral to positive – she is curious about him, generally friendly inclined, but cautious not to wake whatever lurks beneath his surface of civility.

Marcus Foster

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