The Knight of Summer


Alternative Names: none?
Born: ?
Embraced: ?
Apparent Age: late twenties
Sire: ?
Generation: ?
Nature: ?
Demeanor: Gallant
Road: ?
Merits: ?
Flaws: ?
Height: Around 1,72
Known Affiliations: Lotharius, Valerianus, Mithras

A tall if slender lady, Mavis has the air of a person used to being listened to. She seems to favour practical and rather un-feminime wear, her long red locks being let free to do as they please, always some sort of a weapon carried at her person and a musical instrument found not far away.

Not surprisingly for a Ventrue, the lady seems to have a very strong personality and is a confident and inquisitive individual, knowledgeable of the world around and of times gone by. She seems to be a loyal if outspoken friend and although she can be diplomatic when the need arise, she prefers to speak her mind in an honest if authoritative way.

Uncharacteristically for a Ventrue Mavis seems to travel extensively. She is rumoured to be a bard from the far away green lands of Ireland, a land paying it’s due to the Baronies of Avalon and it looks that the title is one her people put some importance to. A “niece” of the former Ventrue prince of Vienna, Valerianus, she is commonly believed to have been a lover of his former student, the Tremere Lotharius, and she had an unofficial tradition of visiting the city of Vienna at least once every half a century or so.


Little is known of her history before the time of this tale. Her sire was a blood sibling to Valerianus, making them also a childe of the former prince of Rome, Camilla. Mavis visited her kindred “uncle” regularly, as the protagonists learned, being in Vienna at least once a century — but they never asked for how long the tradition lasted. Some of them did hear the rumour that one of the Lady’s visit fell on a time not so long after Lotharius’ acceptance into the Prince’s court, and that, since then, her visits have become more frequent.

Book I

Mavis was first seen on a midsummer celebration Prince Valerianus had organised on a clearing not far away from Vienna, where she joined in the festivities, dancing, sharing stories and generally socialising. She answered Amadeus’s tale about the sack of Carthage with her own, prising Valerianus’s leadership in defeating the Magyar invaders of Vienna.

Book II

In Book 2 her customary visit happened at the time of unrest, shortly before the burning of the library of Vienna. She officially stayed with her clan on the visit and she lengthened it to be able to attend a social gathering organised by Adenordis, at the latter Ventrue’s residence. During the gathering a Tzimisce-controlled mortal servant attempt to assassinate Prince Lotharius with the use of a poisoned dagger. When the Prince frenzied after being stabbed in the back, Mavis was the one who ordered everybody out and stayed with him to contain his anger.

Book III

Book IV

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