Christopher Foster

"I choose to go forwards until I reach a crossroads. Then, if I hear there are Sabbat problems on the right, I turn left."


Alternative Names: Santino
Born: ?
Embraced: ?
Apparent Age: mid to late 20s
Sire: ?
Generation: ?
Nature: ?
Demeanor: Bon Vivant
Road: ?
Merits: Deceptive Aura, ?, ?
Flaws: ?, ?, ?
Languages: Italian, classical Latin, German, English
Height: around 1,74
Known Affiliations: Bianca, Marcus,

Neither short nor tall, of a rather strong built, but not particularly muscular, bronze-haired and bronze eyed, it is hard to describe Christopher’s looks otherwise as “your everyday handsome”. Despite his pleasant face, he doesn’t really stand out in the crowd, lacking that “something” that makes one attract people’s attention for more than a cursory glance. He moves in a rather controlled fashion, and has obviously been taught to always sit and walk with his back straight and perform everyday movements with a certain degree of precision and smoothness, if not grace.

Personality wise he once seemed a rather cautious man, even to the point of going to the paranoid side, calculating (which could be explained by his love of mathematics… or the other way around), rather quiet and curious, though not enough to endanger himself to satisfy his curiosity. That has since changed, and at present he displays an eccentric, and even a bit flamboyant front, playing the role of a spoiled rich playboy rather well. It is difficult to say whether his recklessness is also an act only, or if through prolonged association with Marcus all his caution was lost to the wind. Obviously intelligent, he can be outspoken when he wants to, and he has demonstrated his ability to think tactically. His haughty nature rarely shows in the way it used to at the beginning, and when it does it feels somehow theatrical rather than genuine, but the single-mindedness that had always been there, underlying all his actions and guided by the same thought or desire, is still there, stronger than ever and acquired of an almost obsessive edge; that at least, once it resurfaces, feels as genuine as ever.

The former Prince of Florence’s childe, Tamara, once stated that while he was an acknowledged architect, he neither stayed in the city for a long time nor contributed to the city’s large variety of architectural wonders. In Marcus’ employ he contributed to a few constructions, however, as time went by he showed less and less interest in cultivating his once-profession, turning to different pursuits.


Little is known of his past other than he had allegedly never left Italy prior to his encounter with TFG and that he has no wish to go back there now that he did leave it. He seems to have a clear aversion to the Sabbat and admits to having moved to the city of Florence in order to escape their growing influence in the more southern parts of the country. However, he left Florence without qualms at the first sign of danger and is apparently quite content to travel the world and not grow roots in any one place.

Baroque Special

Bianca met Santino accidentally while she was traversing the streets of Florence, looking for possible entrances to the sewers. She quickly learned that he was hurrying over to a meeting of an emerging scientific society, called Accademia del Cimento, and enthusiastically decided to drag get Marcus and attend it together as well. Taking an opportunity to talk with Santino after the meeting, she questioned him on a variety of topics, suspecting the man to be a kindred despite his deceptively mortal aura. Her inquisitivness was rewarded when, already out and away from the building, Santino admitted as much, inviting TFG to the next night’s play, where they should pay their respects to the Prince if they wished to remain in the city for a few days. He also warned them that a friend of his told him she had “a very bad feeling” about the play and that he hesitates if he should attend himself, yet, after their reassurances that they will come, he seems to be convinced to show up as well.

And, indeed, TFG sees him after the play, or rather: Bianca and Marcus do, already at the point where Riina has gone missing and Santino apparently came to inform the opera’s keeper and the Prince’s childe, Tamara, that the Prince himself is still missing and there were suspect Sabbat members seen in the area of the opera house. While Tamara goes to summon some reinforcements, he nervously agrees to stay and accompany Marcus and Bianca and tries to help as much as he can, being visibly uneasy and on his guard the whole time. After the short investigation shows that the attackers have quite probably already moved away and Marcus and Bianca decide to continue on their way to Rome that very night, Santino allows Bianca to convince him he should go to Boston and prepare a design of the new hospital building, since the old one does not fulfil it’s role very well. Eager to move out of Italy and it’s volatile climate and travel north, the man agrees and sets out for Boston.

Enlightenment Special

Now Christopher Foster, officially Marcus’ childe, he appeared again in Edinburgh, which he was visiting with his sire to take part in the revival of thought and learning that came with the Scottish Enlightenment. Still willing to take part in mortal projects, he undertook a commission while in the city, making a point to acquire some contacts among the people of England’s northern neighbour. Unfortunately, the city had a bit of a Sabbat incident while they visited it, which saw the family of his mortal friend come to grief and a fierce battle being fought in front of the local chapter of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. It is on this occasion that Christopher first came to meet Sinéad and John Mallory, as well as Vilmos, whom he and his sire assisted afterwards in leaving the city.

Book III

By this time Christopher had undergone change in many respects, having spent more than two centuries in Marcus’ company, pretending to be a Malkavian. Whether there had always been a tinge of madness in him, or whether this association was what spawned it, it is hard to say, but certainly there developed a deep dichotomy between his private and public personas at first, only for the line to become more and more smudged as time went by. More social than his sire, yet keeping all his relationships shallow and developing them only with those younger than himself, he put quite some effort into establishing a certain reputation in the city of London.

Book IV

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Christopher is Marcus’ greatest treasure. Being the perfect childe the Malkavian could have never had — or so the elder believes — he can count on his adoptive sire’s protection and forgiveness. Marcus is very proud of Christopher’s progress in everything he has been teaching him, and revels in the fact that his charge has proven to be such a dutiful son. He dreads that one day somebody may attempt to hurt his boy, and is determined to look after him to the best of his ability.



Sinéad doesn’t really know what to make of Christopher. She appreciates his more entertaining side, she doesn’t understand his motives. He is akin to interesting riddle. She’d gladly try to solve it, but it’s guarded by an elder Malkavian, which makes her less willing to pursue that. She enjoys his company though, be cause it’s oddly enjoyable.


Emma thinks that Christopher is much more aloof and distant than his sire, though he has a cold logic about him that she sees a bit in Marcus aswell. Judging from the fact that his sire is an elder Malkavian whom she has a healthy dose of respect for, she wants to avoid insulting him, and is thus disinclined to spend more time than necessary with him. For now, she tries to be curteous and friendly towards him, while trying to keep her curiosity to herself … something she doesn’t always succeed in.

Christopher Foster

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