Sinéad O'Kearney

An adventuring magpie


They slander me and talk about me behind their back, but you know what? When I’ll be gone, they will be bored, because there will be nothing going on. They will be scared, because nodoby will protect them. When I will be far away, they will think: “I wish Sinéad was there” but they will never say it out loud.

Alternative Names: Eithne O’Connor, Alannah O’Kelly, Red Keeva, many more
Born: 26th July 1296
Embraced: 30th April 1313
Sire: Amadeo Donatello Di Siena
Known Affiliations: Riina, Marcus, Julian Montgomery, wayward childe, Blanche Hillam
Nature: Gallant
Demeanor: Rebel, Visionary
Generation: 9th
Road: Humanity (5)
Merits: Blush of Health
Flaws: Wanderlust

Height: 176cm
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue

Tall and slender built, with red mane stretching to her waist, Sinéad is a woman that drags attention and revels in it. More vain than she would like to admit, she loves to show off and provoke. Her face still bears childlike features contradict her utter cruelty when faced with enemy. Ruthless and efficient while on the job, playful and airheaded during pasttime. Her restless spirit doesn’t allow her to settle down, making her constantly chase from place to place and to reach for higher goals, but rarely achieve them. After all, it’s all about the journey, not the destination…

For Sinéad the world is a stage and she was born to play main role. She craves attention and usually her way to attract it is by means of outrage. Why fall in line when you can be in the avant garde?


Initial bio

Meet Sinéad, a stunning beauty, a gracious lady, a brave warrior and daring adventurer, constantly hunting for thrill and glory!

Born and raised on the Island of Eiré as a daughter of influential tannith, Sinéad could live a comfortable life, but her adventurous soul was quiclkly recognised by a certain con artist who offered her a change. How could she refuse? She said farewell to her family and homeland and during when Moon was high and stars shined bright they fled together… but he proved to be someone else. At that night Sinéad was embraced. In two weeks she left Eiré and has yet to return to the land of her fathers.

After her Sire has proven to be a despicable man, depraved of all dignity, wanting only to chain her free spirit, so she escaped from his grasp and city of Londinium and fled to Yorkshire. Only when he caught up she left England and started her journey throughout all Europe, earned her fame and adoration. When she has crossed her path with Team Fucking Gorgeous they were awed by her wits and beauty and gladly accepted her into their ranks.

Actual bio

Sinéad was a wild child and daughter of influential tannith. Her temper and unusual beauty got her attention of a Ravnos passing through Éire. An outlander, seemingly Italian, by name of Amadeo di Siena, seemed to her like a good romance candidate and great adventure. She didn’t expect it would be the one that will turn her life upside down. Amadeo helped her escape her home for good and freed her from society, it’s expectations and limitations – or so did she think at the moment.

First disappointment came with Amadeo himself. Her sire had different opinion on what should she do and how should she live her unlife. While he was a mercenary to Ventrue, doing shady work, she prefered to act in an open. When he was doing political career, she wanted to have fun. This disagreement led to many quarrels and – finally – to a daring escape with a remarkable part of his wealth. Using his dislike to clan Tremere, she gravitated towards the places they had presence in, but never really went into contact with.

For decades she led a life she dreamed of, filled with adventure, romance, travel and ruckus. She was constantly in motion. She has quickly picked up war and warmongering as a source of profit and occasional mischief. She would make a name among Ventrue and Lasombra throughout the Europe by causing chaos and mayhem in their domains, if only she didn’t change her name everytime she entered new city. Notably, she has gained fame as a pirate queen going by name Red Keeva. She has also been a messenger for numerous Princes, a leader of group of highwaymen, a kinght during Hundred Years’ War, a courtier for numerous Toreadors, friend of many Brujah and a punchline of many embarassing stories. For quite a long time she has kept business relationship – and as rumors say, they liked to discuss the business in private – with a Ventrue from Avalon, but they had a falling out eventually. Sinéad, asked about it, says “He turned out to be boring”.

Soon a pattern started to emerge. At first it was easy to masquarade as a young kindred from far away land behind the sea, but this is how far it could get her, especially with her unsusal looks and style. This is why she was asked by a Ventrue lord of Münich to acquire certain set of books from a monastery near Vienna… monastery, which as it soon turned out, was currently under protection of Marcus, Bianca, Caspar and Riina, while its Cappadocian keeper was running from his Giovanni blood brothers.

I could write a whole novel based on events of that week and it wouldn’t be enough… Let’s just say that it’s where she has met Marcus and Riina, for good or (in the case the latter) for bad. As she is not a one to hold the grudge, she as quickly forgotten (or so did it seem at the time) about Johanna’s death at Riina’s hands. After a talk with Meinred, the city’s sheriff, she has decided to leave Vienna, but she isn’t really sure why. She followed Riina to Prague and met her during a period of her depression. Being forthcoming and optimistic, she has kept her company through this dark period, which led to them keeping a relationship for years to come. It started well, with them going for an adventure in Vysehrad of which there are no witnesses (except for one ancient Tzimisce, who was accidentally woken up) and has gone sour during years to come.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves… Sinéad has stayed in Prague for more than a decade – a long time by her standards – and went back to Vienna for the start, where she once again met Marcus and Bianca during the most exotic fair the city has ever seen. Ironically, Sinéad acquired a Pirate Queen Sword in there, a blade she treasures until now, even if she doesn’t use it. Behing every item there is a story…

She hasn’t stayed in Vienna for long. Her restless feet carried her around the Europe once again. This time though, she has realised there aren’t many new places left for her in Europe and she is followed by trail of drama and disaster… she began to look for an influencial patron. It took her some time, it took her to Ravenna where she has met one Francis Besson, a man whose relationship with she couldn’t put in simple words. Definitely, they have both benefited from it and they have both enjoyed it. He was the most interesting and most glamorous employer she ever had.

Despite that, she didn’t stay in one place. Restlessness carried her further, this time leading her to Lisbon, where once again she has met Marcus, Riina, Bianca and Caspar.

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Mostly, Emma thinks that she hasn’t met Sinéad under the best of circumstances; she was intrigued to learn that the Ravnos wanted to participate in the city’s Sheriff competition and offered her aid, being interested in finding the last Sheriff herself, and has found that things certainly didn’t get boring around her. She is apprehensive around the elder, however, mostly exhibiting a certain respect for her power, an interest in learning more about the Kindred herself, and at the same time a feeling that she might one day accidentally provoke her. She tries her best to avoid the latter scenario, but doesn’t know precisely how to do that, which makes her slightly uncomfortable.

Sinéad O'Kearney

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