Introduction: The Patrician
A summary post for the introductory chapter of Book I, and all that happened within

“Welcome, welcome, m’lord! Welcome to my humble abode! Would you like something to drink? No? Here, let me find you a chair….”

“It’s such a great honour, m’lord, to have you here, in our small haven. I cannot start to express how big an honour it is that you would see fit to visit your humble servants so soon after arriving… indeed, on the very second night! If there is anything at all that we could do to serve m’lord bi-”

“Ah, yes. Yes, of course. I shall provide all the information necessary to further m’lords agenda… whatever that agenda may be… and let me just say: it will be a pleasure. For truly, it will.”

“It is a good time for our little town… which, I believe, can no longer be truly called little, no. A prosperous merchant town… Yes, Leopold III Babenberg, the kine ruler, tries to make it into a capital of a mortal realm. Just look at the harbour and all the merchandise that comes through here every month… enough, I am sure, to build him a seat worth of a king… and, of course, if that happens, HE will also move there, no doubt about it.”

“Ah… yes. Him. Yes, he’s still here, the Usurper, and my father’s blood is still on his hands, red as ever. Oh, m’lord, how good you are now here. With you around He will have to watch his steps, carefully, oh yes, very carefully. It makes me wistful… I carry still with me the memory of free Vienna… And the hope that it shall become so again, one day…”

“As for Him… Oh, yes, there are many things I can tell you, m’lord…”

In criticism I will be bold, and as sternly, absolutely just with friend and foe. From this purpose nothing shall turn me.

What happened to Elemer?
You have visited the Sheriff, Werner Von Laudau, and on his advice talked with the missing envoy’s lover, Maria, and her husband, Mark.
You have seen glimpses of the world around your sanctuary.
And you have evaluated your trust in those around you.
Or have you?
On the second night, the riddle waits at the gate.

The Introduction for TeamVienna was a tale of murder most foul and the subjectivity of truth. Herein were introduced our protagonists: Marcus, a former hermit and monk, who, after his brutal and unexpected embrace was abandoned in the woods, only to fight shelter at the Cappadocian-Benedictine monastery near Vienna; Joachim, a Benedictine monk, scholar and medic, who came to learn from a Master of his road, the abbot Marius; Caspar, a Brujah scholar and warrior, who came to the city with a message to his brother-in-blood, Eric; and Michael, a young crusader, embraced by Eric in the Holy Land and freshly (end prematurely) returned from the first Crusade.

This was the team who was tasked by the Prince of Vienna, Valerianus, to find out who or what was responsible for the death of the Tzimisce ghoul diplomat, Elemer, in exchange for the right to remain and obtain the feeding rights in his prestigious and safe domain.

The ensuing adventures consisted of, among other things, Marcus and Joachim pretending to be saints sent by God Almighty to bring the relief of a confession to one of the main suspect’s household, of the team meeting a few seedy individuals and being tricked by an ugly stable boy, of Caspar visiting a wooden hunting estate in a forest near Vienna and of much feasting and getting to know the people in the monastery where many of the future events would take place.

The team was not of one mind on the matter of the murder, nor on the Prince’s offer; still, they conducted a seemingly successful investigation into the matter, finding out that the direct cause of death of the envoy was an ancient, feral Gangrel — the so called “Monster in the Woods”, as they dubbed him — even if the circumstances in which the man found himself near the kindred’s lair remained unclear and suspicious to their eyes.

Unfortunately, this revelation, made by Caspar and Michael, who decided to investigate the Ashen Wood of which they heard disturbing tales, led to the demise of the latter. Young Michael perished in the fight with a foe whose ability far outmatched his own; and yet he managed to buy Caspar enough time to finish off the weakened foe, so his sacrifice was not in vein.

The Cappadocian Abbot, Marius, who was a dear, old friend of Eric’s arranged for the body of the deceased to be returned to a respectable state and for a sublime funeral ceremony to be held for his memory, with his body burned and his ashes scattered afterwards.

Soon after the funeral the Abbot’s other kindred guest, Simon the Seeker, left the city and our heroes faced the difficult task of dealing with the consequences of their findings.


How could it come to this! An envoy murdered in a beautiful city of Vienna! Nobody knew who nor why has fulfilled the malevolent deed, but the Prince was furious, I tell you!

Coincidentally, a group of mischievous misfits has just entered the city. As jolly as inexperienced and spirited, we gladly took the Prince’s offer to solve the case. We used all means necessary, including travelling saints!

Just remember, there are no monsters in the forest!

Alas, poor Caspar, losing his nephew to something nonexistent…

Chapter 1: Blood & Honour
A summary post for the first chapter of Book I, and all that happened within

Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.

  • * *

And so a long journey is in front of you. It starts innocently enough, just at the monastery gate, leading you through ceremonies of death, life and a road that seems to go on and on. Shall you ever arrive at the destination foretold? Who knows…

Having succeeded in the first of the tests the elders of Vienna set in front of them, the Team was asked to perform a second service — this time specifically for the Prince. They were to give testimony of what they have discovered to Vienna’s Tzimisce neighbour and Elemer’s master – so little and so much. Taking an opportunity to ask the locals about the road on a social gathering of the local kindred in Werner’s tavern, the protagonists felt more or less prepared for what was to come. Or so they thought.

The road to Soprom was rather uneventful, except for one chance meeting on the road; a Lasombra lady, Roxanne, whom they would later see staying in Vienna, was spotted by them on the road near the castle. Otherwise, the visit was interesting and eventful, but not fatal. The team had a chance to see more than a little bit of Tzimisce magic, get acquainted with a local pitchfork-wielding mob after brother Joachim’s flawless attempts at diplomacy and see Marcus get cursed by an unknown perpetrator.

On their way back, however, they were not so lucky and had the misfortune of coming across a site of a small skirmish in the Tzimisce-Tremere war. Taking under their wings a mortal survivor of the battle, a girl who introduced herself as Angela, they went on their way warily, dodging patrols and making unlikely acquaintances: a Gangrel warrior named Anna and her merry band of mercenary misfits, with whom Caspar partied at the inn on the way — all night long and into the next evening. Showing a surprising affinity for the wild, a newfound trait some connected to his unfortunate Amaranth experience, Caspar adopted a small female bear further on the way, after the team slaughtered it’s parents — the risks of lying to sleep in bear caves being that the bears may return before the dawn and you will find them sitting on your face the very next night, you see. In this particular instance the team preferred not to cuddle with the creatures and, after some difficulties, slayed the mama bear, papa bear and the bear boy, leaving only the bear girl, whom Caspar took, giving her his new favourite female name: Anna.

[Derpina 17/06/2015]

The envoy was dead, and the blame rested with the inhuman creature who had dwelt in the woods and who had died for its transgressions. One would suspect, there was nothing more to be done. However, the proof had to be delivered to the injured party, and who would be better suited for the task than a group of curious neonates?

Thus,sir Caspar, accompanied by Marcus and brother Joachim, set off to Hungary to meet with Count Kalman Apafi a Soprom, and show him that his dear servant died as a result of an unfortunate accident and nothing more. Whether that explanation was true, or merely factual was none of the group’s concern.

Equipped with new clothes, horses, a cart, and funds for the journey, the adventures left towards the wilderness. The journey was long and difficult, especially in inclement weather, thankfully, however, the younglings had managed to gather a handful useful hints from more experienced travelers, and thus may have avoided a few common mistakes.

During the trip, they revised the guidelines they had received from Abbot Marius and Prince Valerianus: do not lie, do not make assumptions, do not ask unnecessary questions, show respect and if possible, stay no longer than three nights. They also arduously studied a book of etiquette generously lent them by the Abbot.

However, once in the Count’s castle, the neonates could not help but be in awe. Corridors that seemed to lead to where one wished to go, talking bookcases – one of them mean and one friendly, a fire that did not burn, maids that offered them blood? Who would have imagined!

The Count himself was also a man to behold. From his scalp rose small branches that looked like a crown of a tree. Having introduced themselves, the adventurers met the Count’s wife, Anika, his son, Lorinc, and the priestess, Brennan – everybody most courteous and polite.

The most unpleasant moment happened when the Count sat down to examine the team’s testimony, seeking proof of it in Caspar’s memories. He did not seem completely satisfied, but if there indeed was a reason for that, it remained unspoken.

To make the night more pleasant, Lorinc then took the group to a nearby village where a festival was taking place. Caspar, well versed in the art of seduction, helped the princeling find himself an appropriate company, and then followed suit. Meanwhile, brother Joachim, who not only dressed like a friar, but also spoke German, outraged the villagers who began to chant and light up torches. Lorinc’s assistance was needed, and having convinced the crowd to disperse, he took the guests back to the castle. There, a friendly sparring match took place between Lorinc and Caspar, during which the men earned each other’s respect.

Later that night, the visitors were invited to see the gobelins created by the Lady of the castle. As she explained, they depicted visions she had, but seldom understood. In her kindness, the Lady offered each of the adventurers a gobelin of their choosing, and thus, Caspar received an image of the man who became the monster from the woods, Marcus asked for an image of Prince Valerianus, and brother Joachim decided to rely on his intuition and chose a random image that pleased him.

Towards the end of the night, the count and his priestess recalled the group and offered them to see a feat of magic. Thrilled by the prospect, Caspar and Marcus agreed to go, and were rewarded with a view of a ritual that took place in the castle’s shrine and then, a visit to a cave that first filled with blood, and then showed them visions of burning cities they did not and would not know for centuries to come.

On the last night, an unfortunate event happened. Following a day of strange dreams, the team members awoke thirsty, and none of them was as thirsty as Marcus, whose bleeding wounds gave him no relief. Invited back to the meeting hall of the castle, he could not resist the temptation of the fountain filled with blood. Urged by his thirst, the Malkavian lurched forward and kept drinking until the beastly hunger let go of him, to his utmost embarrassment.

Thankfully, it appeared the Count had a greater problem at hand. It would seem something damaged the magic protection of the castle, and it was high time for the team to depart…

The Tales of Prague
A Welcome to Bohemia - the adventures of TeamPrague in Book I, collectively

Welcome to Prague, the city of crossroads. Here it stands in the shadow of the Vyszechrad castle, a place blending Slavic and German, east and west, not only in the cultural and national sense, but also in the much more volatile world of Kindred politics.

Prague, the heart of Bohemia. A city serving as an unnamed frontier of the Holy Roman Empire. A centre for both culture and commerce, where many roads lead to and from in these nights. An ancestral ground of the Tzimisce. A new crown jewel of the Ventrue. A city of learning, one of the few havens of the Prometheans of Old Carthage. A multicultural city of many names and stories.

And here you are.

Finally, you have arrived. Your road was long and full of twists and turns, but somehow you have found yourself here, looking from the top of a hill on this city that teems with life. Lights flash and voices echo in the distance. The promise of warm hearth, warm blood and the bustle of a city draws you in. Your old life has finished and you truly have nowhere to go. Will you find what you are looking for here, in those cobbled streets? Or is it just another insignificant step on your way?

Will this be the end of your exile? Is the helping hand you are so desperately searching for already reaching out to you somewhere inside those walls? And, truly, can you be certain as to what you are even looking for?

Is it an end or a beginning?

The shadows come to dance my lord, dance my lord, dance my lord. The shadows come to stay my lord, stay my lord, stay my lord…





There was amulet-hunting, party-plotting, chess-playing, and bear-hugging involved.

Amicus was lovely, but destined to die, as he was Bianca’s true love. The Ventrue Prince was a grand prick, but that’s ok – the Tzimisce voivod and his son were much more fun anyway.

It all started when Bianca was issued the task of retrieving a certain amulet for the Prince. Alexandrio, who introduced himself as a Setite intending to settle in the city, and Runko, who arrived from Kraków and sought to introduce herself to the Prince before visiting the voivode, were tasked with helping the young Bianca in her bid to retrieve the artefact.

It all went to hell when Runko left with Alyss, though – there was a, ah, a natural disaster and an execution (on Alexandrio). The Tremere were at fault, as always.

Chapter 2: The Mirror Cracked, Part I: Eschte's Caress
A summary post for Part I of the second chapter of Book I, and all that happened within

It all went to hell when Runko arrived with Alyss. Or rather arrived without Alyss and caused a riot, which just sort of happened.

It turned out that Lady Alyss was ladynapped by agents of a Hungarian Tzimisce lord; her noble steed – the gentle Constance – was horsenapped along with her. While Lady Alyss managed to free herself from her captors with relative ease, the snow-white mare was taken to distant lands, much to the anguish of her mistress.

Three brave “volunteers” agreed to go on a diplomatic, hush-hush mission to Hungary to negotiate with the selfish Tzimisce lordling who had though he could just abduct a lady by force to be his wife. And nabbed the lady’s horse instead, how about that.

Shenanigans followed.

Derpina [11/06/2015]

It was a long journey West. The eerie, unfriendly forests, a hut with grass growing around it in the middle of winter, voices in the wind. Contrary to the team’s expectations, the towns they passed on the way were no more welcoming than the wilderness.

Having reached the town of [insert name here], the travelers agreed to remove a handful of mortals inconvenient to its Tzimisce Prince, accidentally making their short- and long-term intentions known to Aella, a local Ravnos information dealer.

Among the unfortunate souls whose names made it to the hitlist was a woman, murdered by her raging husband, a priest whose faith had left a taint on Runko right before he died, a Lasombra lord who taught the aforementioned to fish with her bare hands, and a handsome man whose death left the killers with a sense of remorse… and an unusual golden symbol.

In exchange for their service, the adventurers received a peculiar gift of gratitude – a heart shaped skin that would preserve blood during their long journey.

Then, following a rumor about a Malkavian Prince living in the area, Marcus, who served as the guide, decided to take a small detour, and lead the group to Temesvar, a beautiful city upon a hill. Everything would have gone well, had the guide’s sex not changed the night of their arrival…

Having crossed the dangerous marshes that surrounded the settlement, the jolly group with its not-so-jolly guide entered the city and was immediately cautioned to keep quiet, for the prince was suffering from a terrible headache and wished not to be disturbed. Having bumped into a Toreador Adam, a friend to the local innkeeper, they managed to secure themselves a place in an overpriced inn and an audience with the Prince the following night.

The audience hall of the Temesvar’s castle was indeed impressive, with a round, detailed mosaic adorning its walls. While one may have had qualms concerning its rather frivolous content, the artistic value was undeniable. Nothing, however, could prepare the group for a meeting with Prince Ariel.

There were polite inquiries, questions, lingering feeling of terror, dance, feasting and displays of impossible aim and coordination when the feeling of terror intensified. The visit was as memorable as it was horrifying, but surely, few adventurers could boast of such an experience!

Chapter 2: The Mirror Cracked, Part II: A Light Sea Breeze
A summary post for Part II of the second chapter of Book I, and all that happened within

[Derpina 18/06/2015]

Leaving Temesvar behind, the adventurers quarreled as to who should guide the group further, and brother Joachim decided to undertake the difficult task. Without delay, he aimed for the Carpathian mountains and towards the lands belonging to Count Vilmos… Few things were known about the lordling, other than his apparent unpopularity with his own clan and, as the team had learned prior to their departure, his strong desire to marry.

As expected, strange things happened along the way. First, the adventurers encountered a female wraith or perhaps a kindred of particularly ethereal countenance, who, for reasons unknown, was intent on collecting nettle on a peculiar forest clearing. Kind enough to share, she gifted a piece of her findings to brother Joachim and Runko, and the group moved forward, rather puzzled by the meeting.

Second, the team bumped into a man dressed in rags, who sat at the border of a village, surrounded by a circle of candles. Claiming to be a Malkavian seer, he offered to answer the travelers’ questions in exchange for their blood. Being quite skeptical, Marcus (as Jezebel) attempted to see into the man’s aura. Unfortunately, he regretted that quickly, as he went blind and in his blindness set his coat on fire, stumbling upon the candles. Once extinguished, he and Joachim decided to oblige the man, and received their answers. They were thus kindly asked to send the seer’s regards to the Prince of Vienna, whose hospitality he had abused in the past.

The last stop was the town of Debrecen, where Runko was taken for a Cappadocian reanimate and caused genuine enthusiasm among the locals. The group once again encountered the mercenary Anna, and spent a pleasant evening exchanging stories and drinking with the soldiers. Then, after a brief meeting with the Tzimisce prince of the town, the adventurers set off once more, this time with more precise hints how to reach Count Vilmos…

Crossing rivers and windy forests, the group at last arrived at the castle. Although there was no speaking furniture, and the host’s head did not look like the crown of a tree, the visit was far from usual. When the negotiations regarding the marriage contract stalled, Runko chose to speak up, insinuating that, perhaps, the lord’s performance failed to satisfy the lady she served. Before the rest of the group could button up their coats, the Nosferatu turned into a block of ice before their eyes. “Tomorrow, we are going to Vienna,” the Prince announced to the group’s utmost despair.

And go they did, engulfed in a gust of wind that carried them back, horses and all. A journey that had taken months was reduced to hours. Although nobody learned what happened behind closed doors, it would seem the matter was settled amicably. To the team, the visiting lord was both a source of surprise and inspiration for the nights to come.

Unfortunately, the realization dawned on them only after the man’s reputation had been damaged during their journey…

Finale: The Sins of Our Fathers
A summary post for the finale of Book I, and all that happened within



It should have never come to this. We only learn of our mistakes and mistakes of ones before us when it’s too late.

Mistress Alyss was anxious. She had this ominous premonition that something bad will happen to Eric of the Cross. Her relationship with the knight wasn’t as before the affair with count Vilmos, but she cared for him deeply anyway. We couldn’t find him in the monastery, so we went to Vienna. He was nowhere to be seen.

Driven by my Master sister’s feeling of incoming disaster, we went back to the monastery only to see it burning. Yes, stone building was set aflame. We rushed to the courtyard. Luckily monks have already left their cells and gathered outside. Their struggle to put down the fire was pointless, as it was caused by magic. Among the monks we’ve noticed Marylyn. She was at her limits, healing wounded ones and organising help. She and brother Otto, who appeared out of nowhere, explained everything to us.

When Eric came back from the Holy Land, he brought a gift. A book, taken from the Assamites. Now they came back for their belongings and for justice. Marius couldn’t accept it, he couldn’t forfeit life of his friend and student. He took his sword and stormed our, saying he will end it for good or bad.

Mistress Alyss was terrified. We decided to find him and prevent it… but it turned out there are three paths from here into the woods, to which my Master has supposedly went. So we split. Mistress Alyss followed one way, I picked another, accompanied by Riina and Marcus.

It was a mistake. We were led astray by someone who turned out to be an apprentice of the Assamite assasin, sent to recover the book. We have lost hours on tracking him. He was blatantly honest with his intentions. He wanted to stall and possibly kill us.

It was a difficult meeting. He was a fanatic, his was driven by faith, but his mind was poisoned. He couldn’t ssee beyond lessons told by his Master. He couldn’t grow or make positive impact unless the cage in which he locked his thoughts was broken. I managed to lay a foundation for it…. but it will take ages. In a way I proved him that us, westeners, aren’t exactly as he thought we were.

I offered him a game of chess. I put our lifes on the scale and he put location of his Master. I should have never risked lifes of my companions. The pressure of that decison was too much for me to bear… and I lost. In that instant the Assamite dissapeared. I prepared myself for his strike. His dagger pierced my throat but my body was already that of a dead. I felt nothing, no pain, no grief, no fear. Riina wanted to fight with him fair and square, until death. Her joyful approach to killing always upset me, but I had more pressing matters right now. There were lifes on the line and I couldn’t let the apprentice to delay me further. I left her to fight him and went back to the monastery.

Our search has proven to be ineffective and so did Mistress Alyss’. Our effort was futile. All we could do was to rebuild the library and help monks.

Next evening we have found Eric of the Cross. He was caught, restrained and left for dawn to find him. Marius did not return. He has fallen in a duel with Assamite. That way Caspar has lost his brother, I lost my mentor and Alyss lost both her brother and her lover.

Only when it’s too late we learn of our mistakes and the truth about the ones we hold dear. Abbot Marius, my Clan elder, teacher and protector, was a warrior who bowed before the cross and left his sword behind. He turned into a teacher, master of Road of Heaven and as such, became famous once again. Instead of protecting people from harm, he started to teach them how not to harm themselves.

But that was too much for me. I couldn’t stay in Vienna. I was shocked by a difference between Marius and the Apprentice. One who was master of the Road, the other misguided fanatic. When I saw what faith can do to a man without strong conscience, I understood there is a lot for me to learn. I left the Road of Heaven. I looked for something more universal, yet I didn’t forsake my God. I’ve also dedicated myself to the work of Marius and of Eric. I wanted to be a teacher and a knight. I left the benedictine order and sworn an oath of knight hospitalier.

Alyss heart got poisoned by grief. She lost everyone she cared for. I followed her, but I didn’t seek revenge, as she did. I wanted understanding and forgiveness. We travelled Europe far and wide, looking for traces and pieces of information. It took us years to find the killer of Marius and Eric… and it turned out it’s someone too powerful for us. Alyss couldn’t stand it. She has welcomed the sun. I lost yet another teacher.

It should have never come to this.

Brother Joachim of VIenna, now Sir Joachim of Altheim

Introduction: The Lord and the Fool
A summary post for the introductory chapter of Book II, and all that happened within


Tibert [27/28.05.15]:

Lydia sent invitations; it’s rude to refuse and old friend, so everybody got their arses in gear and travelled through all of Europe to get there as soon as possible.

When Riina arrived to Pamplona, the city was besieged. Riina is a tank. Knocking happened. The angry mob was kindly let into town to loot, murder, rape, and set fire to everything.

Somehow, it led to Christ manifesting himself on a cart, which speeding at a neck-breaking speed down the hill straight into the angry mob.

Meanwhile, Joachim had a clandestine conversation with a charming Assamite in one of the city’s gardens. When they parted and Joachim saw the death and destruction that had befallen the city, his bleeding heart ached and he started compulsively collecting waifs.

Caspar was suffering as the love of his life, Eva, was in jeopardy – she was captured by the Inquisition, who had been responsible for the whole burning city situation in the first place, definitely. Cue rescue mission.

Unfortunately, the rescue mission came to late to save the love of Bianca’s life – Venclav II. The dastardly Inquisitor brother Esteban carried him off in the dead of the night, and the poor, dashingly handsome, ghoul was thus lost forever.

It all ended up with our brave heroes somehow acquiring a whole set of a dozen heretics and about twice the amount of orphaned children, so they did the only thing that made sense at the time – they led them deep into a land they knew nothing about to “help” them.

The Spanish Inquisition had a field day with that one.

Shenanigans, I tell ye.

Chapter 1: In the Wake of Poseidon
A summary post for the first chapter of Book II, and all that happened within

[Derpina 17/06/2015]
Or how the team progressed from being attacked by headhunters to getting thrown out of a monastery and subsequently burning down the city of Barcelona.

The traveling kindred were lucky to have found a cave in the mountains where they could retire for the day, while their companions made camp outside, guarding their repose. Everything would have gone smoothly, had it not been for the headhunters who appeared after dark, hacking and slashing at the travelers. The battle may have been swift, with all of the assailants dead or heavily wounded, but unfortunately, although victorious, the adventurers did not come out of it without a scratch.

Having disposed of the dead, who just may have served the Inquisition, as the kindred learned from their letters, the group assessed the damage and set off towards their destination. Somehow, nobody noticed that the journey to the monastery upon a hill took much less than it should have…

There, a mysterious Prioress, later revealed to be a Malkavian, greeted the adventurers with the following words:

(Sea) The sea is shadowed. A fine gossamer thread covers it, with a multifaceted black stone, set in Barca’s Crown. Winds of change blow strong into the sails at mermaid’s tale and old stories come to life under the yellow clouds.

(The city) The path is set in stone, covered in rosy Venetian glass, it beckons and it calls, and your feet yearn to take you down the flight of oaken stairs

(Iron) The path is unchangeable as are the bones of the earth, you will not know you walk it until the king of steel pierces you with his gaze

The ivy prince has no crown as he leans on the crumbling wall, leaves wrapping him in a tight embrace. He looks up at the sky and first drop of blood falls on his perched lips. His daughter and wife slew a three headed beast on the hill and now blood is trickling down.

[I don’t know if that’s all. Perhaps the GM could upload the correct version. I was typing quickly during the game and there may be typos and omissions.]

With absolutely no understanding of the message, the group dispersed to regain their strength and prepare for the journey ahead. Caspar befriended beautiful Eva, from whom he learned about the enigmatic Raven, Marcus attempted to speak with graves and spirits, Joachim vanished mysteriously and Bianca and Riina investigated the case of a missing boy – Cai – who had disappeared somewhere during the passage through the mountains. Whether he had gone to a better or worse place, nobody knows, for a fight broke out within the team, and everyone, aside from Marcus, was asked to leave.

That, alone, would not have been much of a problem. However, another fight, this time between Caspar and Riina, erupted a few miles down the road, eventually forcing the Nosferatu into torpor. With an inconvenient package and new wounds to heal, the group slowly moved towards Barcelona

At first, the city appeared pleasant enough, even despite the rumors about intraclan squabbles between the Keepers. The group announced its arrival and was assigned a guide, a smug Lasombra by the name of Rainerio Claudio del Sannio, whose task was to see to the adventurers’ needs and make sure they found a ship that would carry them to their next destination. A rather easy task, one would think. Unfortunately, everything got complicated with the appearance of Assamites, hostile Lasombra agents and the Ravnos Ida, who happened to be in possession of a book precious to both of these groups.

What was meant to be a refreshing evening at a port tavern, went awry the moment Marcus was assaulted and almost burned to death. Although the attack was unsuccessful, fire began to spread across the city, inspiring rage in the local Prince.

The group changed inns and was quickly enlisted to board a ship that was meant to take them to Marseille, with their gracious guide kindly asked to accompany them thus far.

The following night, while Bianca was taking care of torpored Riina, Marcus and Ida were once again accosted by a group of Assamite hitmen who tried to retrieve the precious item. A fight ensued, as a result of which the book disappeared…

The adventurers boarded the ship with an uncanny feeling that they may not be welcome to revisit Barcelona in the years, or perhaps centuries to come. Luckily, nobody died, and the lands of clan Toreador held promise of peace and cordiality.

It would be tempting to say that all’s well that ends well, unfortunately, the ship never reached its destination…

2014 NYE Arcanum Special: The Tales of Toulousse
A summary post of the last game of the first chapter of Book II, and all that happened within

This game consisted of three separate Tales: Where the Wild Roses Grow, Dark Wings, Dark News, The Ivy Prince



A terrible storm breaks out during Bianca, Kaspar, Marcus, and Raine’s travel to Marseilles, and the ship sinks, along with the mortal crew, and the team gets separated – Marcus and Bianca stay together, clinging to Riina’s box, Kaspar ends up on a rocky shore alone, while Raine is forced to spend a day on the bottom of the ocean, and then emerges close to Narbonne.

Soon, Marcus and Bianca, who found shelter near the shore, set off to look for the nearest town, dragging the box with them, and they manage to reach the nearby road. Marcus takes the form of a woman, and under pretence of two damsels in distress – Brunhilde (Bianca) and Helga (Marcus) – they manage to convince a passing knight, Venclav Gustaf, to assist them in their journey. They learn that Gustaf is a mortal noble, one of the two sons of the , and that he is following the trail of the lady of his heart – Emmeline (who is like a rose), and wants to inquire about her at the court of the Queen of Love in Toulouse – Isouda. “Brunhilde and Helga” decide to accompany him there.

When Marcus and Bianca arrive in Toulouse, the harvest festival is just coming to an end. They seek audience with the Queen of Love, and during their meeting with Isouda they are offered a boon in exchange of a small task – convincing three kindred to consider attending a celebration hosted by the Queen. They also enable Gustaf’s meeting with the Queen.

Meanwhile, Kaspar finds himself alone on a beach and manages to find a cave and spend the day there. Having lost his equipment, including his sword, in the sea, and getting separated from the rest of the team, he is alone and aimless. He manages to communicate with the local animals and follows Bianca’s trail and he arrives to Toulouse, where his ruggedly good looks catch the attention of Marie, a noble lady seeking a thrill of walking alone at night. Young and impressionable, Marie is immediately drawn to Kaspar and – not without help from the Brujah – promptly falls in love after learning of his terrible fate at sea. She offers to get him to a blacksmith who would replace Kaspar’s lost sword.

When they arrive to the smithy, it turns out that the blacksmith – Oakheart – is Kindred, something Kaspar suspected from Maria’s description of a surly misanthrope oddball he supposedly was. The blacksmith chases Maria away and, at Kaspar’s inquiry about swords, duels briefly with the Brujah and wins. Oakheart and Kaspar conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Bianca and Marcus, who after the visit to the local Setite architect, Meire, learn that the blacksmith is one of the kindred who did not respond to the Queen’s invitation. Oakheart becomes irritated with his guests, declines the invitation and throws them all out, Kaspar included. It turns out Oakheart really was a surly misanthrope oddball, with a penchant for rampant misogyny and frenzy.

After a couple of days, the team is joined by Rainerio, who trailed Bianca to Toulouse. He was aided on his journey by Jean, a friendly priest of Narbonne, affiliated with the Lasombra. Raine lost the letters from Raven to the waves, and, now aimless, seeks to at least assist the TFG in reaching Marseilles, from where he plans to go back to Spain and then Portugal. Upon arriving to Toulouse three days after Bianca and two after Kaspar, he learns of the Queen’s favour, and decides to help in achieving he boon.

With Oakheart unwilling to budge, the team decides to try the other two invited kindred. Maximilian the Tremere is easily convinced by a prospective meeting with Bianca, while Raine and Kaspar set a meeting with the new, reclusive Lasombra ambassador to Toulouse – Marcello. They arrive to his mansion outside the city, and it turns out the ambassador is an older, blind man, posing as feeble and reclusive, but being (un)surprisingly informed about the comings and going of the city. He flat out refuses to attend the party, but Kaspar with the help of the brilliant Brujah diplomacy, manages to strike a bargain – if Oakheart concedes to come to the party, Marcello will also attend, but if the blacksmith does not attend, Kaspar will have to kiss the Lady Bernadette.

Meanwhile, Marcus and Bianca stay at the inn and encounter a depressed Gustaf, who has already talked to the Queen, but it turned out his love – Emmeline – died not long ago. He also resolutely claims that he liked Helga much more than Marcus. Bianca and Marcus decide to take him out on a brief bender, but he gets awfully drunk in the process. After reuniting with Kaspar an Raine, they discuss how the matter of coercing Oakheart to attend. They decide to backtrack, and ask the Seneschal, Louise, who points them to Johann, a local Nosferatu.

Next evening, Raine and Marcus investigate the church which is supposed to be Johann’s favourite haunt, but the only person they encounter is Lady Bernadette – a woman dressed like a knight, with dual swords strapped to her belt. Raine speaks to her and she recommends Meire’s brothel as a possible alternative as to where to look for the Nosferatu.lls them about the Old Guard – six Kindred left over from the reign of the former Queen of Love in Toulouse, Escarmonde; they learn that, other than Oakheart, Meire (the Setite) also counted among that number, along with the German Nosferatu Johann, the sculptor Nevea, Il Dottore (a Cappadocian), and the elusive Pepe.

Chapter 2. The Rising Tide.
The first game of the second chapter of Book II, and all that happened within

30th April 1444, Wien. The candle flickers on the table, next to an antique vase filled with lavender. You sit there, ponderously, reminiscing. For many of you this is where it started, though “it” is often an entirely different thing.

The shadows of those no longer around seem to hover somewhere in the distance. Metaphorically… And literally as well.


Tibert [28.05.15]:

Letters form Marcus reach the rest of the TFG, urging his allies to come to his assistance on the 30th of April. Riina, as a Nosferatu, was apparently granted safe conduct to the city.

And so Caspar, Bianca and Riina appear at Marcus’ humble abode to his surprise, they ponder on who might have played a trick on them and if it is a trap. Mystery solved itself after another knock on a door. This time it’s Otto the Librarian accompanied by Maria, the Malkavian of Prague. They learn that Cappadocius has been diablerized by Augustus Giovanni and the Clan has fallen to their own bloodline, along with its secret stronghold Ercyries.

Their reunion is interrupted by another arrival, although this time it’s a grim one. Brother Joachim tells them of his struggle to warn his Clan of dangers from the ones that they trust the most and a way to restore his memory. His journey did not end well and there he is, a ghost over a fireplace, speaking from the Shadowlands. He died on the hands of the Assamites, who gave him a profecy of his Clan demise.

When Ghost of Friend Past disappeared, Otto announed his departure from the city and left the library in TFG’s care, instructing him which books are to remain in a monastery and which can be moved to the city library (founded by Marcus to commemorate his deceased Sovereign). After explaining rights of property to our brave friends, he left, and so did Marcus&Company.

While the Company was discussing property rights, somebody was actively trying to violate them (by their opinion) or execute them (by her opinion) and be awesome. Sinead O’Kearney entered the monastery and tried to procure the books commisioned by the Ventrue Prince of Munchen (I tell you, good lord, it’s the truth!). She has procured the books in question (It’s not my fault the Librarian wasn’t there! I was told to hurry, I guess I was late… but you can’t blame me for that) and left the workshop through the window just to face Marcus, Bianca and Riina. Luckily for her, they were so preoccupied with the books she was carrying they let her slip.

And so the chase started Wild chase it was. WIld indeed. One might think a whole hell broke loose. There were owls and bears running after redheaded thug, mad horses being stolen, trees uprooting themselves and laughing, and Caspar finding a tavern to hide in. The tavern happened to be the one Sinead was hiding in as well, so she was got cornered. RIina&Company tried to reason with her, but by accident door to her room were splintered and the trees weren’t helping as well. Damn unlucky, wasn’t she?

And when they arrived to conclusion, Sheriff of Vienna appeared to check what is this fuzz about and invited them for a night in a Secret Tremere Detention Room.

Wild chase, wasn’t it?


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