Tag: Tremere


  • Lotharius

    A magus of the Order of Hermes in his mortal lifetime, Lotharius joined and was eventually embraced by the House Tremere sometime after their unfortunate and unplanned slide into vampirism. He arrived in Vienna in 1032 as his clan's envoy to the Ventrue …

  • John Mallory

    Little is known of his mortal life, though what is known seems to point to him being what would later be referred as a "self-made man"; a concept which he preceded by quite a bit of time.

    Renaissance Special

    As Alistair Payne he …

  • Victoria Harlow

    Victoria Harlow has been the Primogen and Regent of the House and Clan Tremere in London since 1829, when the then-acting Prince Valerius officially recognised her clan's presence as benefiting the city and granted them a right to establish a Chantry, as …