Sabbat in London

Officially, there is no Sabbat presence in London itself.

The history of the Sabbat in Great Britain as such is a rather complicated matter. First of all, it is rather unique because of the subtlety of its operations — well, as much subtlety as the Sabbat can muster anyway. This may be connected to the Prince of London, and the fact that he used to claim the entirety of Avalon as his kingdom in days gone by… and also never belonged to the propagators of the Camarilla. Still, nowadays, with London being the heart of the western world, the industrial revolution having changed it into a hive of humanity, and with the Prince leaving it as often as he does, one may guess it to be an important base of Sabbat operations. And, every now and then, events connected to the Sabbat do happen.

But quietly. The Sabbat Raid of 1860 aside, all the other events were small, insignificant, almost petty issues that did not make it to the public consciousness as anything but a distant echo.

SinĂ©ad O’Kearney looked into the sect’s activities in Britain and was quite surprised to see how avoidant they were as a whole, having few areas of influence that were easy to pinpoint, and relying on misdirection and subterfuge. Of course, she also observed the other branch of the Sabbat, which one could call the “operational” branch. Probably foreign, imported from the continent or from Ireland, those packs specialise in lightning quick attacks, taking over with ferocity, overcoming all opposition, achieving their goals and then taking over the areas, but without any real effort to keep them in grasp.

Sabbat in London

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