Types of Boons

Trivial: This type of boon might be granted in exchange for useful information, using influence, or some other favour that did not require any great exertion for the creditor from her usual routine. They are most often paid off quickly and in kind.

Minor Boon: The creditor has gone out of her way, and put herself to no small inconvenience in order to help the debtor, or it was something of some import to the debtor. This might include covering up a Masquerade break so that the Prince doesn’t find out, or using influence to acquire a club for the debtor to use as a haven.

Major Boon: The creditor has gone to great efforts or put herself at some risk in order to help the debtor. This might include being willing to spill her own blood on the debtor’s behalf. Major boons also include saving debtors from great injury, embarrassment, or shame.

Life Boon: The rarest and most potent of boons, Life Boons are tremendous debts that fundamentally shape the way two vampires relate. Almost all Life Boons involve the saving of the debtor’s life, although from time to time Life Boons have been granted where the creditor has put themselves at great risk of Final Death in order to secure something of great import for another vampire.


Arcanum Lauretha