The Antasians

The Antasians were a medieval faction originating in Frankfurt and led by Julia Antasia, a Ventrue survivor of the Roman Republic, who remained active in the middle ages.

A once-upon-a-time active member of the Eternal Senate, Julia did not agree with the authoritarian dictatorship that came to characterise both the Roman Empire and the world left in its wake. A strong believer in democracy and personal freedom, she had always been popular with younger kindred, and eventually, first unwittingly, and later consciously created a faction of her own within the Ventrue heartlands of the time, teaching, inspiring and influencing European politics for centuries of the medieval period.

She disappeared some time during the early Renaissance and has not been heard of since. The faction she used to lead dispersed or was hunted down by the other Ventrue elders, who never cared much for “equality in clan Ventrue, always following ones conscience and opposition of the Road of Kings on the grounds of its dividing of people into the ruled and the ruled”.

In the epochs to come the Antasians were a rare legend, of whom few but those who remembered the Dark Ages knew, an early voice hailing democracy, freedom and humanitas in a world which was not – and perhaps never will be – ready to embrace their vision.

The Antasians

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