The Avalon FFW Timeline

1602, November 17 – the celebrations of the 44th anniversary of Elisabeth’s reign happen in Burgheley House. Mithras comes back from his latest voyage. Dermont named Baron of Norwich. The Ventrue Valerius replaces the Duke of Amber as the new Senechal of the Court.

1603 – Queen Elisabeth I dies and King James VI of Scotland ascends the throne of England and Ireland as James I. Despite many plots to end his rule, James I manages to consolidate his power over Britain in a personal union. Clan Toreador gains immense influence with “their” ruler’s being “imported”.

1612 – Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales and the young, promising and extremely popular heir to the throne dies. His brother Charles becomes the heir apparent.

1625 – Charles I ascends to his father’s throne. From the beginning his reign is plagued with problems and his idea of an absolutist monarchy – vehemently opposed by the English nobility and the Parliament.

1649, 30 January: Charles I of England tried and executed in Whitehall. A civil war follows. Many powerful royalist families supported by both the Ventrue and the Toreadors loose power, fall on hard times or outright meet their demise. One of those being the family of the Ventrue Hesper, whom TFG have met and kept some ties with. Considering that after the ball her rivals in the court suddenly gained a rather deep insight into her matters and that of her family’s business and she was already hard-pressed to counter all the plots aimed to curb her influence, it is no great surprise that at the end of this entire affair she found herself to be very diminished indeed and withdrew from courtly affairs, moving somewhere into the country to stay with the remnants of her mortal descendants.

1656Bianca, Marcus and Riina meet in Florence, days prior to the city being taken over by the Sabbat. Christopher gets directed to Boston, where later Marcus will adopt him as his own. Marcus and Bianca reach Rome where they have the Malkavian senechal of the city declare Incitatus, Marcus’ horse, a local noble. They get a document confirming that.

1661- Coronation of Charles II of England. A new mortal king ascends to the throne, but it cannot be said that things go back to their status quo in the kindred world, with many Ventrue losing a considerable amount of influence in the whole affair and the Toreador influence being virtually obliterated… for a while.

1664 – During the winter a bright comet is seen in the sky and the people of London are fearful, wondering what evil event it portends.

1665 – The Great Plague of London.

1666 – The Fire of London. Mithras takes a far more personal role in ruling his princedom. Citing them being the responsible party in the Fire the prince passes an edict effectively banishing the Followers of Set from London, this time under the threat of Final Death for any clan member discovered in his domain. The Tremere are also banished from the city proper “until such time as they may prove useful to a desperate city in the throes of a natural disaster, not squander their time and resources on squabbles with serpents in the face of a disaster”, which by many was taken as substantial proof of the House and Clan’s dealings with Setites and partaking in some way in whatever plots went down during those three nights of fire and just before.

1685 – Toreador justicar Violetta visits London.

1693 – The Treaty of Durham establishes Ventrue supremacy in Britain over the Toreador. To further foreswear any foreign influence on the royal house of Britain, Mithras claims them as a personal domain, barring the influence of every Kindred except himself under the threat of Final Death.

1694 – Bank of England established.

1726 – Academy of Ancient Music founded.

1731 – Gentleman’s Magazine begins publication.

1768 – Royal Academy of Arts established

1786 – Scotland: The Ayrshire poet Robert Burns is fêted by the Edinburgh social elite.

1788 – The Times newspaper in publication.

1792Mithras leaves London on another one of his journeys. In his absence Valerius is the “acting prince”, effectively ruling the city.

1799 – Gunter’s Tea Shop in business.

1801 – London Stock Exchange established.

1803 – The Globe newspaper begins publication.

1822 – Royal Academy of Music founded.

1823 – London Mechanics’ Institute and Finsbury Midwifery Institution established.

1824 – Athenaeum Gentlemen Club founded

1825 – Riina, Sinead and Marcus meet in Wales. The Massacre of Rutledge House in Y Graig, Monmouthshire

1826 – London University, Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, and Zoological Society of London established.

1828 – The London Zoo opens.

1830 – Geographical Society of London founded.

1834 – Theatre Royal Lyceum and English Opera House opens.

1835 – Madame Tussauds wax museum in business.

1837, 20 June – Queen Victoria ascends to the throne.

1839 – City of London Police established.

1843 – The Economist newspaper begins publication.

1849 – Harrods in business.

1852 – King’s Cross railway station opens.

1853 – Photographic Society of London founded.

1854 – Broad Street cholera outbreak

1860 – the first (and only so far) big scale Sabbat attack on the city, which cost the lives of several kindred, even if it seemingly failed in accomplishing anything else.

1863 – Underground Metropolitan Railway begins operating.

1865, 26 December – the Surrey Theatre reopens.

1866 – London Mechanics’ Institute changes name to Birkbeck Literary and Scientific Institution

1871 – Royal Albert Hall opens in South Kensington.

1876 – Hampstead Cemetery in use.

1881 – Royal Census. Population: 50,569; county 3,779,728; Greater London 4,766,661.

1884 – Fabian Society and Society of Architects headquartered in London.

1885, January – Japanese Village exhibit opens in Knightsbridge. Mithras returns to London. Displeased with Valerius’s performance, he removes him from power, giving the former senechal’s childe, Lady Anne, his position at court.

The Avalon FFW Timeline

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