The Book III Timeline


February 17Sinead and Julian visit Marcus, having arrived in the city a few days prior. The reunion ends with a scandalous visit to the so-called “Third Elysium”, the tavern “Slow and Easy” in the dock district.
February 24 – Marcus entertains his first visitor in a while. Bianca arrives in London with Ethan in tow. She reunites with Marcus, while Sinead and Julian pay a visit to the Toreador primogen, Raymond Montgomery.
February 25 – The entire TFG is reunited and decides to go and visit the Second Elysium of London, where, upon arrival, Marcus is passed on a letter from Rome, saying he should be expecting an envoy on a diplomatic mission soon. They meet Emma Mallinson. Bianca has to suddenly leave due to unforseen circumstances. It is made public that Lionel Devereux is also competing for the position of the Sheriff; he also takes up Belinda Vane on a challenge to solve a recent mystery disappearance of a rather affluent middle class gentleman. Sinead and Emma also get interested in the case.
February 26 – Sinead is plagued with domestic problems of supernatural nature and decides to move shop.
February 27 – Full moon. The Gangrel celebrate and are joined in their celebrations by Sinead, who experiments with Gangrel “peace herbs” and ends up showing up uninvited at Marcus’ doorstep before the dawn. Marcus allows her to stay, but decides to prank her by dementating her into amusing hallucinations for a night or two (or so he thinks).
February 28 – Marcus again visits the second Elysium, while Emma goes on a walk and has her first encounter with what lookes to be an unfriendly spiritual entity of some sorts. Emma’s first encounter with Aaron and the mortal private detective Andrew Norton. Emma and Marcus learn of and investigate the very mysterious wardrobe of Mrs Cunningham’s. Sinead is recovering.
February 29 – Marcus has incredible horse adventures. Emma uses her ghost encounter to the best of her abilities, going to take the tale where she can, including the Second Elysium, where she has her future with the apparition foretold and meets a young and sceptical kindred who agrees to go with her to search for it with his own eyes. Meanwhile, Sinead is moving to a new mansion on a hill, and meets them while transporting her possessions. Hilarity ensues. Aaron makes an appearance again and shows a useful talent. Sinead gets robbed, realises her problems are connected to having been Dementated. The night ends with her and Marcus arguing and then coming to an uneasy truce. For a week. Emma bloodbinds Aaron and takes him under her wing.

March 1 – Emma successfully attempts to bloodbind Andrew Norton. She also entrances him, but the effect proves short lived.
March 4 – Sinead entertains her first visitor at the new mansion.
March 5 – Sinead meets and adopts Blanche Hillam.
March 6 – The gathering at Sinead’s house. TFG visit the First Elysium. Aaron insults the Tremere primogen; he and Emma have a falling out. The Roman envoy visits Marcus.
March 7 – Aaron disappears. Emma moves to a new haven. No unduly suspicious disappearances of mortal populace after that date.
March 9 – Emma and Annabelle reach an agreement.
March 27 – Full moon.

April 1-2 – Easter.
April 22 – Emma, Sinead and Marcus visit Everard Hawke
April 23 – Emma meets Molly Watson for the first time. Sinead goes to visit Shrew and appears to see his sire in the Gangrel’s sleepy village. Marcus is visited by Belinda Vane.
April 26 – Full moon.
April 29 – Emma fully bloodbinds Andrew Norton and makes him her ghoul. Sinead visits Gregory Hemmings. Marcus has a.. “cognitive acciden’ while using his clan’s gift to look for a pattern in all the madness of recent events.
April 30 – Sinead and Emma attempt in vain to summon and trap the Sabbat they encountered in the past thanks to Aaron. Marcus’s Malkavian sense is giving him a hell of an evening, to finally explode with panic around midnight. Before leaving for a meeting with Sinead he is disturbed by a servant of ”/characters/stepano" class=“wiki-content-link”>Stepano’s, and subsequently leaves for his mansion instead. He discovers a carnage. After he does not show up in the Elysium as agreed, Sinead goes to look for him, accompanied by her hunting partner from earlier, Emma, and they also arrive to see the scene. Sinead recognises a medallion found in Stepano’s private quaters as being engraved with a symbol connected to the Assamite clan.

May 1 – Marcus informs Lady Anne of what happened at Stepano’s mansion. The team goes back to look for any remaining clues, before returning to the city and informing the Tremere.

The Book III Timeline

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