The Sabbat

The Sabbat is one of the three main factions – or, as one prefers, “sects” – of kindred in the modern world. Historically the older members of the Sabbat are those who, after the partial success the first Anarch Revolt, did not agree to become members of the new all-encompassing Kindred society, the Camarilla, arguing that it was just another way of enforcing the exact same, fossilised feudal hierarchy they rebelled against in the first place.

So was born the Sabbat, or the brotherhood of equals, where young Kindred would band together and partake in mystical rites rendering them invulnerable to the blood bond, the most potent weapon of elders wanting to enforce their will. The young Sabbat was made up of all the clans that partook in the Revolt, however, two clans – the Tzimisce and the Lasombra – had more numbers among them than many, thanks to the violent and spectacular way the Revolt took in them. Hence, many of those clan’s resources were at the Sabbat’s disposal from the start, making the fledgeling sect closely tied to the Christian Church, over which the Lasombra held most of the influence at the time.

Because of those religious ties those who took it upon themselves to create the philosophical and legal back of the emerging sect were inspired to use biblical “truths” and references, accepting without question the myth of Caine as the father of all the Kindred and even making up an alternative official title for the Sabbat – “The Sword of Caine”, which would rain the Father’s displeasure with how his monstrous elder progeny tyrannised the world with the Curse.

Those, at least, were the beginnings. Today those who were ancillae, and even some of those who were neonates, at the time of Sabbat’s creation are fearsome elders in their own right and the sect lost all of it “friendly to the young” creed and degenerated in its eternal war against the Camarilla (which it views as the war against the metuselahs who control the latter from the shadows) into something quite bestial an completely unapologetic. Not much is known about the Sabbat, its goals or its philosophies among the unaffiliated Cainites, as unlike the Camarilla or the Anarchs, the Sabbat recruits only in the shadows and does not share its secrets willingly.

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The Sabbat

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