Wiki Contributions XP

The XP value for contributions to the Obsidian wiki stands as follows:

  • writing a complete character profile for your player character (the whole template filled) = 3 XP
  • a bonus for writing an oustanding (lengthy / exhaustive / literary masterpiece, etc, etc), character profile for your player character (on top of the regular 3 XP) = 2 XP
  • leaving an in-character comment in the “As seen by…” section = 1 XP
  • writing a full, exhaustive game log after a finished game = 4 XP
  • writing a short text on one of the places visited or events witnessed during the past games

Contributing to game logs, NPC profiles and other activity on the wikia will be rewarded individually.

XP for wikia contributions will be rewarded after the Intermissions (if during a FFW) or before every next game (if not during a FFW).

Wiki Contributions XP

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